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Default The Office/ Career Menu.

The Office/Career Menu.

When the game loads the > In Base Before Mission Save it will always take you to > The Office Career Menu.

Picture 1 > The Office/Career Menu.

Picture 2 > Here you can select > Options.

Picture 3 > Options is where you change the > Sound and Video Settings.

Picture 4 > Writing Desk.

This is the same > Writing Desk you see when you > End Patrol/Dock.
When starting a New Mission this is not used.

Picture 5 > Barracks.

Here you can > Dismiss and Enlist Crew.
You can also give out > Awards but not Promotions.

Picture 6 > Crew > This is U46 VIIB > Kurt Holderbaum that you saw in the > Test Mission.

SH3Commander > Manage your Crew has been used to give every Crew Man at least 1 Qualification.
More experienced crew can be enlisted here but will cost you a certain amount of > Renown.
To Enlist or Dismiss any Crew Click on him and press the appropriate button.
If you enlist crew here and you want to give them > Qualifications then you will need to > Exit Game back to the > Desktop.
Start SH3Commander and go to > Manage your Crew.
When finished use the > LSH3 Launch Icon.

Picture 7 > U-Boat Management has been given its own Tutorial in the next Post > Do Not click on the Map and Start the Mission yet.

Now go to the next Tutorial.

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