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Default Total Black Screen > Sound No Picture > Picture No Sound Fixes

Last updated 2nd Junel 2018

Fix 1
The problem „L/SH3 show only black screen… but with sound“ (only with Widescreen Mods) is solved > Latest Information By Urmel.

Fix 2
Total Black Screen > Sound No Picture > Picture No Sound Fixes
How to roll back your GPU Driver to a previous version.

If you have just experienced a black screen when starting your Silent Hunter game then a Windows update will have changed your GPU Driver to a later version.

This tutorial will show you how you can get your game back.

Picture 1 > Go to the Windows start Icon in the bottom left hand corner.

Picture 2 > Click on the Settings Icon.

Picture 3 >
Click on System.

Picture 4 >
Click on Display Adaptor Properties.

This will show the Adaptor Tab.

Picture 5 >
Click on Properties.

Picture 6 >
Change from General to Driver Tab.
The Driver Tab shows various options available to you.

Update Your Driver is worth considering as it may fix the problem.

Picture 7 >
Roll Back Driver.

If this is not greyed out as in the picture then this option is available to you and recommended.

The Roll back process takes less than a minute to do this.
Click on ‘Close’ to finish the process.
Restart your system.

You now need to make changes to your GPU settings as these will have been removed in the roll back process.

Post #7 Changing Nvidia And AMD Radeon GPU Settings > Pictorial > Missing pictures replaced

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