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Default SH3Commander > Making Changes > New Career > Launching LSH3

SH3Commander > Making Changes > New Career > Launching LSH3.

Picture 1 > Start your game from SH3Commander from the > Main Game folder (Tutorial SHIII) or from the > Taskbar.

Picture 2 > Shows the Main Menu.
You will notice that the > Flotilla automatically defaults to the Testing flotilla > Eprobungstelle
The default U-Boat is the > Type IIA.

Picture 3 > Shows the 2 types of U-boats available from the > Drop down box.

Click on > Optionen to open the > Options Menu.

Picture 4 > Shows the > General Settings screen.

Picture 5 > Shows the > Career Options screen.

Changes can be made now by > Ticking the box/es.
Click on > Apply.
Click on > Ok.
Simulate a Realistic Career Length > Optional on Test Missions.
Simulate Realistic Crew Transfers > Optional on Test Missions.

Picture 6 > Shows the > Career Options I am going to play with.

Picture 7 > Game Play Settings.
Changes can be made now by > Ticking the box/es.
Click on > Apply.
Click on > Ok.

Picture 8 > Game Play Settings > Model Effects.

Picture 9 > Back to the Main Menu of > SH3Commander.

You have the option here to either > Name your own Captain.
Click on > RN and Commander will > Randomize a Captain for you.
Press > RN again if the name is not to your liking.

Picture 10 > I have Randomized the Captain > Kurt Holderbaum for my game.

I have used the U-boat > drop down box and selected a > VIIB.
Notice that you are going to start your > Test Mission in > August before the outbreak of WWII.

Picture 11 > Shows all the changes have been made for this mission so itís time to > Launch SH3 (LSH3)

Now go to the next Tutorial.

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