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Originally Posted by Sjizzle View Post
as far as i know TWOS is set as default SH3 style
\Silent Hunter 5\MODS\1. The Wolves of Steel 1.05\data\Applications\OptionsFileEditorViewer opent the exe file from there and set the path to menu file which one is located in Silent Hunter 5\MODS\1. The Wolves of Steel 1.05\data\Menu after this one set the path where is Sh5 installed ..... then click open navigate to Silent Hunter 5\MODS\1. The Wolves of Steel 1.05\data\Scripts\Menu and select from there and a screen with lots of tab will open
navigate to the UI Tab and from there u can change the style

i did excactly that but my GUI is the same.
I have buttons on the left for Submerge, Periscope depth etc.
I have Speed buttons on the bottom and i have half a compass in the bottom and when i click on it i get a real Compass.

but shouldn't SH3 be like every 3 things have a Dial?
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