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Ok guys,

i was away for some time because of my job... back home now !

Started again playing with SH5 and looked at the Subsim forum... i see that some people still have problems with the campaign updates ...

I spoke with a friend last week, he knows server based systems a lot better than me... he pointed me to a possible solution on the problem based on system resources allocation (similar to the one discovered by me for my first campaign update fix). i tried it and it seems another way to handle the problem is on sight ! (most important : it needs to be done only once, not each time the game is started ! )

Tested on Win7 and Win8 but it should work as well also on Win10, since it is based on the same setting for all OS.

Basically the fix is made by changing the system priorities toward running background applications. More resources are then dedicated to programs like the damned OSI which often causes our infamous tonnage bug.

Here the details ! :

- Go to the Windows main control panel and open the system properties;
- Click on "Advanced system settings" in the left part of the screen;
- It should open the "system properties" window. Select the "advanced" tab;
- Click on "settings" under the performance section;
- It should open the "Performance options" window. Select the "Advanced" tab;
- You should see the "Processor scheduling" section with two options available under it. Select "Background services";
- Apply the selection, click ok and close all Windows;
- Restart the system. Start the game and enjoy it !

At the moment i'm playing without problems at all but i'm still testing, i would like to have some feedback from other users . As said before : this action needs to be taken only once, after this change is possible to play without changing anything else each time the game is started !

Give it a try and let me know !
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