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Originally Posted by Hecki Stafman View Post
Well, I bought SH5 for 2,95 few days ago on the Ubisoft-Store.

I played the tutorial mission and the first german mission british coastal water.
After that i went back to bremerhafen, and safed the game.
Now I wanted to go to next mission "british supplies" but the mission bar won't fill up.

I've read every thread here, but i don't know, what really is to do o.O
Is this fixing the problem, or Openhorizons or something else?
that tonnage bar is a old annoying bug.... fix for that bug can be found here
i really suggest u to play with TWoS mega mod which one can be found here
and also TWoS remove the tonnage bur from the game befor install TWoS read all the mega mod documentation and also there is a video hoow to install the mega mod
and also u will ned the TDW's generic patcher which one fix 95% of the vanilla game bugs how to use the patcher here

do not play the vanilla version of the game is damn buggy and unplayable .....

PS. the game must be version 1.2 to use TWoS and tdw's generic patcher !!!!
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