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Hi all

Tnx for your kind words and help here!


In history every Commander have to absolve first a patrol with his new boat and his new crew by ERPROBUNGSSTELLE.
With V15 we change the old limited of 8 original SH3 Flottilla concept.
We do the new sorting for favor logic and better understanding for new subwar sh3 game players.

New in V15 the game starts one month before the original Sub War starts (1. August 1939).
This month is to absolve the first patrol by ERPROBUNGSSTELLE bevor the real Sub War (in original SH3 Game) starts.

That’s why it is very important to absolve the first patrol ERPROBUNGSSTELLE in full length real game timeline.
The FIRST DATE to change Flottilas or Boats is the 1. September 1935 and not one day before!

That’s why we integrate the draggable chart INFORMATION FLOTTILLA (Deutsche Flottillen – 1939 bis 1945) into the Game.
(unfortunately not translated yet). That Chart show the valid dates to change flottilas.

I Hope this Information help against problems like “PQ:0” or “not accepted” transfers/dislocation.

Greets by Urmel
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