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Originally Posted by artbysmiley View Post
Has anyone figured out how to extract the sh5.exe from the 1.2 patch without using the cabinet file viewer (cfv). I downloaded the cfv on the link provided in this thread but can't get it to run.

If it is as simple as replacing the steam sh5.exe with the DVD sh5.exe why can't someone just upload the sh5.exe from their DVD installation or for that file to be included in the generic patcher? Or would that be a TOS violation?
I got it to work with the CFV, and patched my Steam-game yesterday. Worked like a charm! You need to follow the doc to the letter.

Getting the CFV to work is really the hardest part of this. In my case, I had to download two files from Microsoft. It is documented in THEBERBSTER's Tutorial Post #161 where you download the files, and how to make them work. The error message from the CFV will tell you which file(s) you're missing.

What I did, that is not mentioned in the tutorial, is that I ran my zip-tools and the cmd-line as administrator (right click-> run as administrator). Since you're dealing with system files, I figured it would be less hassle this way.

I'm running Windows 10.
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