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The game, mod and patch run just fine, Vecko. no issues to report.

meanwhile I have been looking at the crew morale and abilities, i read some threads about damage control and how it seems to serve no purpose at all...
indeed I have some light damage from fighter attacks, to various (auxiliary) ballast tanks I think.
Achtere Ausgleichszelle, Regelzellen,
also to Bugtorpedoraum Abteilung, Funkraum Abteilung, U-Raum Abteilung, Machinenraum Abteilung, Emaschinenraum Abteilung
and lastly to the diveplanes and driveshaft. all these items are around 98% intact, so minor yellow damage. been like that for days.
using up repair crew points achieves nothing. Setting the hammer icon on any parts makes no difference.
are both observations correct? is it because all these items cannot be repaired at sea or do crew repair ability and hammer selection not matter either way?

second thing i observed: i reloaded torpedoes with normal crew: 25 minutes.
reloaded with the NewGUI battlestations button (from watch officer, the grey icon on screen): 25 minutes.
reloaded with in-game watch officer dialogue BattleStations. (red bell-icon): 22 minutes.

my summary: battlestations from officer menu serves no puropose. BS from ingame watch officer is not worth the morale/fatigue it costs.

do you recognise those observations?

one final question: is there any way to stop my Chief using compressed air and using his diveplanes instead? The more I mess around with depth keeping and -changing, the more confused I get about the game mechanics...

meanwhile I'm actually quite enjoying SH5 (and that's a first ). Great job!
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