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As mod it is very simple, just a bunch of edit boxes.
Like these when we type our player name or name the save.

Do not hurry to be happy, because this have flaws.
I use it successfully, but only because of my playing style and my installation is specific.
Most users would have problems.
Because of this, I release it as [TEC]Thread, not as a mod.
Will give you my files, but to install it, to deal with some problems and learn to use it is your job.
And I will try to explain, for who wants to use it.

First drawback: It will not go in your save.
The text will stay there only in your current game session. That's why I named it notepad, not a logbook.
When start SH3 again, the notepad will be clean.
Solution: To save it, before exiting the game just make screenshot with it.

Second drawback: While writing in this notepad, the keyboard commands of the game continue to work.
In the beginning I didn't realize it. My playing style is to play only with mouse.
Some time ago, I cleaned my Commands_en.cfg from key commands. Leave only few for time compression and for camera control.
Now, by default I don't have problem with this issue, my letter keys are free from game commands.

Solution: One way is to be like me: if your GUI allows you access to almost everything via menu commands.
Another way that I can think of is: to write in notepad only when the game is paused.
Most commands in Commands_en.cfg don't work in pause.
If there have any that possibly are obstacle, to make them to not work in pause is easy: just delete the digit 2 from Ctxt=
Another way is to edit your Commands_en.cfg: every key command that will be a problem, to be through Shift or Ctrl, and then write in notepad only lowercase.

Third drawback: it is not a problem to make one big edit box. But it have problems. The cursor didn't go, visually, to the second line. Will stay on the end of the first line. The text will go, but without cursor it is hard to do editings.
And it is not possible to go in new line when you want. You need to fill current line or pumps on key Space, to go for next one.
My solution: is to make what i made. Bunch of separate edit boxes.

Fourth drawback: The notepad in this form is composed of 21 lines, each line has three boxes with limited space for writing.
For me it is enough. This is a notepad for quick and short notes. But, what if this is not enough for you?

Solution: It's not a problem to have two notepads or three. Or to have them on different screens, one on map screen, another on mission order page or radio messages page...

And one bug that I found:
You click on edit box, the cursor is active, now you click keyboard key command that send you to different screen, when you go back to the screen with the notepad, the edit box is broken and writing in it is not possible.
Not a big problem, because of many edit boxes that the notepad have, you will just skip this one.
Solution: Just always click again to close the edit box, before you go anywhere.
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