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Default silentotto > Play Any Of The Open Horizon Campaigns

Last updated 14th May 2018

silentotto > Play Any Of The Open Horizon Campaigns

'silentotto' gives you the option to play any of the Open Horizons Campaigns
You must start a New Career.
You cannot transfer your old crews abilities or keep any promotion points.
Any Campaign you select starts with a novice crew.
If you select for instance a 1943 Campaign your inexperienced crew will be up against a much more experienced enemy until they have completed some of the missions.
Your selected Campaign will end and the next Campaign will start at the appropriate date and time.

When you start a New Career you see the default Campaign 'Coastal Waters'.

To select any Campaign just type in silentotto in the area where you see my mouse curser.

You then see all the Open Horizon Campaigns.
Select your realism setting.
Click on the Campaign you wish to use.
Press Start Game.

Remember to do your bunker save before starting the first mission.

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