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Default How To Post A Picture To A Subsim Post Part 2 The Uploader Postimage

Last updated 27th April 2018

How To Post A Picture To A Subsim Post Part 2 The Uploader Postimage.

You will need 2 Programmes a Picture Viewer and an Uploader.

My free user friendly Uploader recommendation is > Postimage.
Download Link To Postimage.

Some pictures have been heavily cropped to save space.

Picture 1 > Internet search for Postimage.

After downloading.

Picture 2 >
Open Postimage and you will see this screen.

Picture 3 > The default option "Do not to resize my image" should normally be accepted
The optional drop down box shows you various sizing images available you can also use to post to Subsim.

Picture 4 > Click on Choose Images.

Picture 5 > Go to where your picture is saved.
Double click on it.
Postimage will now upload it.

Picture 6 > Shows the uploaded picture.

Picture 7 > Click on the Direct Link option.

Picture 8 > Go to the Subsim Tab showing at the top of the screen and click on it.

Picture 9 > Select where you want to place the picture using your mouse.
Click on the icon showing in the picture.

Picture 10 > Right click on the icon with your mouse button.

Picture 11 > Press the DEL key.

Picture 12 > Click Paste or your P Key.

Picture 13 > Press OK or the Enter Key.

Picture 14 > You should now be able to see your imported picture

Press Preview Changes to view your intended posting.
Press Save Changes to complete the post.

If you have more than 1 picture to upload then click on the Postimage Tab.
Picture 15 > Upload another image.

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