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Default How To Post A Picture To A Subsim Post Part 1 The Picture Viewer

Last updated 27th April 2018
How To Post A Picture To A Subsim Post Part 1 The Picture Viewer

You will need 2 Programmes a Picture Viewer and an Uploader.
My free user friendly Picture Viewer recommendation is > IrfanView.
Irfanview is an optional programme to your default system viewer.
Download IrfanView here.
It is user friendly and very easy to use.

Note > Some pictures have been heavily cropped to save space.
Click on the Irfanview Icon to open the programme.
Picture 1 > Default screen.

Picture 2 >
Go to Options.

Picture 3 >
Select C (Capture/Screenshot)

Picture 4 >
Go to Browse to select where you want your picture or anything else to be saved.
Tip Make a new folder so you know exactly where your picture will be and then select from the Browse button.

Picture 5 >
Press Start.

Select what you want to be photographed.
Press CTRL +F11
Your picture is saved to where you selected.

Irfanview comes with various tools where you can crop your pictures etc.
I have never used these tools as I Use Microsoft Office to do all my cropping and sizing.

Note > I do not recommend resizing any pictures now.
Let Postimage do it for you.

Subsim pictures in the game are selected by just pressing CTRL +F11 and are saved to your Silent Hunter Main Game folder.

You can select these Silent Hunter pictures if not already selected to use Irfanview.

Picture 6 > Picture showing in the Silent Hunter Main Game Folder.

Picture 7 >
Right click on the picture and select > Open with Irfanview.

Picture 8 > Select Cut.
Close the Silent Hunter folder.

Picture 9 >
Go to where you want to put your picture.

Click on the folder.
Right click with your mouse.
Select Paste.

My free Uploader recommendation is > Postimage.
See the next Tutorial Post How To Upload A Picture To Subsim.

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