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Originally Posted by sober View Post
They definitely look smaller .


I am woeful at remembering how I mod stuff . I think I just halved the scale

During my unsuccessful attempt I had exported tree meshes and resized them. I didn't think about messing with scale factors. That's the good thing about modding communities: you learn from others

On a side note: where can I download your mod from?

Originally Posted by sober View Post

The lighthouse in the foreground reminds me of another feature that with the due time we might work on: if you use google earth you probably have noticed that it is full with lighthouse (and other coastal landmarks for that matter) models which are freely available from the 3dwarehouse/sketchup website. Most european lighthouse were obscured in wartime. Yet, they could be used, and I am sure they were, during daytime for coastal navigation. Having customized lighthouses in the most relevant spots of SH5 map, could also help the ones among us who are using real navigation. Unfortunately, converting from sketchup format requires various degrees of manual touches, but we could add those models one by one. You are the king of terrain editor; if you are on it, you could take care of object placing and land reshaping, when needed, whereas I would deal with the models themlseves...
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