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Originally Posted by THEBERBSTER View Post
Hi Kevin

Thanks for the reply.

Am I right in thinking the OFEV can be enabled either inside TWOS or as a stand alone outside of SH5 by using the same file paths that you showed?

If I change the OFEV settings with the TWOS mods disabled does this keep the changes rather than losing them at a later time if the mods are disabled?

I understand with the Generic File Patcher that the mods need to be enabled before activating the Patcher?

In theory can a stand alone GFP be activated from outside SH5 when used with TWOS?

I realize that the Snapshot gps file included with TWOS is needed.

I usually run the Generic Patcher from the desktop or you can run it from anywhere that takes your fancy. Just put a shortcut on the desktop and once you do it the first time, opening it up and changing things is a piece of cake. The GFP is autonomous so you can install anytime but I usually do it first.

The Options File Editor Viewer can be done before or after New UIs is installed but I prefer to do make my adjustments on the fly during the first half of the patrol normally, as you try different things until you get it set up as you want it.

If you do it this way just remember to make a copy of your C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\data\Scripts\Menu\ and overwrite the one in the original mod C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\MODS\The Wolves of Steel 1.03\data\Scripts\Menu\ so that you retain your changes if you unistall the mod then reinstall.

Here's a link that discusses the various scenarios with the OFEV ~
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