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Originally Posted by Stew U-582 View Post
Guys I was wondering about my hydrophone that always self destructs if
I dive below about 120m. Is that correct for the mods Im using or is there a problem.
sub 7C British supplies mission

Originally Posted by Choum View Post
This is due to R.S.D, One of the hydrophone can not survive if you go under 120m even if for the submarine itself, this's not a problem.
I know that it's historically correct but very frustrating to have your Kristalldrehbasisgerat (KDB) broken every time you have to dive below a 120 meters. Kind of like a parachute that's designed to work for only the first half of the trip! I imagine that they would have had box full of spare KDB units onboard.... surely!

You can modify Crash Depth=140 to a higher value in the zones.cfg file C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\data\Zones.cfg as per Vdr's post below or just add a semicolon in front of this line to make it indestructible.

Originally Posted by vdr1981 View Post
Armor Level=8
Critic Flotation=0.300000
Crash Depth=140

Find this in zone.cfg file and change marked line to something like 200-220 meters...
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