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Originally Posted by gap View Post
@ finchOU
I think I can answer your question on behalf of Vecko.

Talking about TWoS and TDW's options editor, unless I am very much mistaken, nothing has changed compared to when you enabled NewUIs as a single mod. You can either:

a) Enable TWoS firts and edit then UI options by making the editor to point to the copy of TDW's option file contained directly into the Silent Hunter 5\data path, or...

b) Edit UI options making the option editor to point to the copy of TDW's option file contained in the Silent Hunter 5\MODS\TWoS\data folder, and then enable the mega mod.

The difference between the two methods, is that by using the first one you will need to re-edit your options whenever you disable/re-enable TWoS, whereas if you use the second method your changes will be retained, no matter how many times you disable/re-enable the mega mod.
Just a personal variation (or blend) of the above methods.....I find the UI options are an evolving plethora of choice. Vdr has included the UI setup in the main "TWoS" mod that is an excellent starting point for players, basically a "one size fits all".

As you progress your career and gain more experience, you start "getting a feel" for which of the various UI functions you want included and how they behave, and adjusting with the Options File Editor Viewer accordingly.

At some point you reach the "sweet spot" where the UI is set up exactly how you want it. (you know you're at the "sweet spot" because you stop fiddling with things in the Options File Editor Viewer every time you exit the game )

At this point, you make a copy of C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\data\Scripts\Menu\ and use it to overwrite the same file: C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\MODS\The Wolves of Steel 1.03\data\Scripts\Menu\ This will retain all of your UI tweaks if for some reason you have to reinstall "TWoS" main mod again.

The only caveat is that when the "Snorkel" becomes historically available in the later campaigns, a "vanilla" may have to be used to have the Submarine tab available to select the snorkel. The snorkel option has to be the first selection saved otherwise the Submarine tab in the Options File Editor Viewer becomes unavailable. After the snorkel option is saved, you can then reapply and save all of your previous options.
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