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Default Moving Steam From A Protected Directory To A File Folder.

How to move STEAM from the protected Program Files (x86) Directory to a new game folder.

Orignially Posted by propbeanie

Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins

Also, hopefully, said Steam game folder is not part of your \Program Files or \Program Files (x86) protected system directories ("directories" is what we call them on real computers, not "folders")
Set up Steam to put new games in a different directory. Then you'll have to reinstall SH4 (you DO have the U-Boat Missions version, don't you?) in a root directory. Mine is C:\Steam games.
Should be end of problem unless the mod isn't installed correctly. Keep us posted and we'll get you running!

Originally Posted by lukterran
How do you do that? Ever time I try and tell Steam to move the files into another directory it only wants to give me to move it into the D: drive and leaves no other options other than the default.

Originally Posted by dodougla
In Steam, Under Settings - > Downloads, there's a folder called Steam Library Folders and you can manage them there.

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