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Yes - wolfpacks are working in SH5

You can use the send contact report and if you have TDWs mods installed - you will get a radio message letting you know if a pack will form or not. This can take a day to receive.

There is also wolfpack action (scripted) with in OHII :-

Campaign Objective - Triumph of the Wolfpack (TotWP)
With version 1.7 and higher, I have added a new type of campaign objective. Now when you play Triumph of the Wolfpack, you will get to take part in actual wolfpacks. This is done using the secondary missions that you get when you request mission in the briefing map as normal. Now for most objectives, this does not matter if you pick these missions or not. With TotWP, they are required.
So to play this campaign objective, click the request button and you will get an orange marker on your map. You then go on patrol as normal - but his time you must sail to these markers. If you meet a convoy while you are heading there and decide to attack it, you should think about re-arming before going to these marker.
If you do dicide to re-arm - goto a near by base and select "refit". If you went back to the bunker do not select end patrol. If you do then you will need to go back to the briefing map and select a new mission. I have only made three of these missions so far and each time you return to port, it uses one up even if you did not go there.

So - when you arrive at the markers a message will be sent to you. These messages can be sent to you by the stock game and so can be read in the captian log button. You can also get them sent by TDWs radio mod. These can be read the normal way and will have a red background (sometimes you may not get one, but will get the other - looking into why this happens). Both these message types will drop your TC to preset number and play a sound. Pay close attention to these messages as you will be told to go to map areas etc. The next stage, when this happens is triggered by you doing the task as in the message. So if you do not check the messages you get - you will not be able to continue the wolfpack attack and be recorded in history as the u-boat that did not show. At some point a message will be sent ordering you and the other boat in the wolfpack to attack. This is always the last order you will be given and you should act on your own data from then on.

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