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Default Overlay for maps by Shmal

Hey, guys!

I present to you my overlay for TAI and Navigation maps!

It will work with any mods based on NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_ByTheDarkWraith or other versions!


1. Its always on the map (untill you turn it off), and follows your map scale!
2.Radius of outer circle of this overlay is always corresponds a scale of your map!
For example! You have scale of the map is 1500m. It means overlay radius in 1.5km.
Middle circle has radius in 750m. And each cercle will be 1/10 of scale - 150m!
Its easy to calculate, quickly to find bearing you got from your sonar man or watchers.
Easy to draw you course and cross course for intersept a target!
Second example. Your scale is 30 km. In this case you will see on the map round zone in 30km radius.
So, half of it will mean 15km, by middle circle. Each of other circles will 1/10 of scale - 3000m. Very easy!

3. So. Overlay has two bearing scales in 360 degr. large and small, for convenient with precision 1degres!
4. Also has two, back bearing scales for starboard and port orientation!
5. Overlay has pretty good precision! Good for you!
6. Color is white-grey for conveniently drawing above it!

You welcome!


Link for download:


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