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Default TDWs Generic File Patcher Steam Installation Instructions By sirrawsrsalot

Last updated 28th July 2018

Note > If you cannot open the application it will need to be set to run as an administrator.

I have hi-jacked this post in the interest to mention another STEAM work around option that has been successfully used on SH3 and SH4 for some time by installing an XP Virtual Machine.
The XP Virtual Machine is now being recommended to SH5 players to get around the incompatibility with TDWs Generic File Patcher by using a non STEAM SH5.exe.
From the link below you will find instructions how to install it and be able to select your Windows OS for the XP Virtual Machine.

Check out the New Additional section if you are still having problems after using this tutorial.

sh5.exe genericpatcher to work with steam.


First off, I'm new to these forums so I'm really sorry if I'm being redundant with this information.

I'm really sleepy after a day of work and I just wanted to write down the steps, but I thought that perhaps somebody would like to try this already so instead of cleaning up the steps and keeping the steps for myself another couple of days I'll just publish this rough draft and let you guys have any eventual laughs due to my mistakes.
I will try to clean it up by tomorrow evening or so.

I do appreciate that this is not fun for anybody, so please only do this if you know what you're doing until enough people can confirm that this actually works or if I'm all wrong and making a fool out of myself.

This is kind of like a science experiment, I have results I want you guys to try to reproduce. Thank you for helping me out:

Go download "silent_hunter_5_col_1.02_eu.exe" from:

Download & Install:

Right click on the "silent_hunter_5_col_1.02_eu.exe" you downloaded in step 1. choose "UniExtract to Subdir", choose "isxunpack extraction" under "Extract Method".

Step 3 should have resulted in a folder called "silent_hunter_5_col_1.02_eu"

Download & Install the "InstallShield_Cabinet_File_Viewer"

Start program and go to File => Open => "silent_hunter_5_col_1.02_eu\Disk1\data1.hdr"

6. Alternative steps by kajonas

This method works beautifully. It uses the Install Shield Cabinet File Viewer
iscab.exe command line utility as an alternative to the iscabvu.exe file extraction method (assumed above).

Assume an initial directory structure as follows:
(where %Downloads% can be anything, any path)

CD to your "silent_hunter_5_1.02_eu\Disk1" directory

Run this command
..\..\InstallShield_Cabinet_File_Viewer\iscab -i"allmyfiles.ini" -lx

Make a copy of allmyfiles.ini --> allmyfiles_edit.ini
delete everything in this file except for the following:

[ISCAB Info]


Run this command
..\..\InstallShield_Cabinet_File_Viewer\iscab -i"allmyfiles_edit.ini" -x

You should find the file sh5.exe extracted in the current directory

View => Components

Click on "Game" and then "Files", find sh5.exe in the list.
save it on your desktop.

Start up Steam, right click on "Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic" => Properties => local files => Browse Local files.

Find the sh5.exe file in the list and rename it to sh5_steam.exe.

Go to your desktop and rename the sh5.exe file which you extracted from the ubisoft patches cab file to sh5_patched.exe and copy it into your silent hunter 5 folder where the sh5_steam.exe you renamed file resides.

Copy the sh5_patched.exe file so you have 2 of them, and rename one of them sh5.exe


Now you should be able to run the genericpatcher and update your sh5.exe file and when you launch it from steam it wont make a difference since steam is actually only launching uplay, and uplay does not seem to care if you're running a modded file or not.

Im assuming its legal because we are just getting the patch ubi made, so we are not cracking anything. It might go against steams EULA though... but then again I'm not so sure about where things stand in regards to the legality of modifying binary files on a whole. anyway hydrophone works, yay.


...seems like we should be safe.

When things go wrong

If you get an error when trying to run "InstallShield_Cabinet_File_Viewer", please try downloading whatever file its saying that you're missing from here:


Then extract the cab file and copy the file into your C:\Windows\SysWOW64 [windows 7] or c:\Windows\System32 folder, [for older versions of windows]

Start your terminal (run => cmd.exe) and type
cd<push spacebar>C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or c:\Windows\System32<push Enter key>

The prompt should change to: C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or c:\Windows\System32

Then type:
regsvr32<push spacebar>mscomctl.ocx <push Enter key>

Oh right, so the reason I wanted you to make a backup of the sh5.exe file is two fold, one is so that you can go back to the steam version if you think my idea is stupid. second, sometimes steam will overwrite your .exe file, its not happened to me yet, but i know that if you run "validate my files" it will see that you have modified your file and assume it is broken because its not the same size it knows it should be and overwrite it. So you should be covered in both cases.

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Courtesy acknowledgments to sirrawrsalot and Kevinsue

The above instructions by sirrawrsalot have been taken from the original Post #1 with an additions from Kevinsue to make this now work fully.

New Additional Information
Courtesy acknowledgement to arnesw
Courtesy acknowledgement to AADrcw

Help with missing mscomctl.ocx

kiinteistoesijoitus used a XP virtual machine solved his Windows OS 7 Steam SH%.exe problem
Courtesy acknowledgement to kiinteistoesijoitus

Courtesy acknowledgemen Alternative steps - starting at step 6 by kajonas

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