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Default The RAOBF Wheel In Silent Hunter 5 > 3 YouTube Tutorials + Instructions

Last updated 16th March 2019
The RAOBF Wheel In Silent Hunter 5 > 3 YouTube Tutorials + Instructions

My step by step Tutorial is based on Stoianm’s 3 parts in game YouTube videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

1. Essential Requirements (Already in TWOS & sobers mega mod)

Before you can use the RAOBF you need to have enabled the following mods.
A version of TDW’s NewUI
Manos Scope Mod.

2. The RAOBF Wheel Its Components And What They Do.
The RAOBF Wheel comprises of 3 Rings with 4 sets of numbers and 3 markers.


Mast Height is counted from the Vertical Scales.
Ship Length is counted from the Horizontal Scales.

For reading and setting the range.
The range numbers are equivalent to 100 x metres.
RAOBF 10 = 1,000 metres.

Optical Mast Height (Waterline to top of the mast)
Optical Length (Bow to Stern)
Used for setting the numbers that the mast height reaches on the Vertical Scales.
Used for setting the numbers of the Ships Length on the Horizontal Scales.

AOB to scale 90 (see Note 2 and Note 3)

3 > Explaining The RAOBF Wheel’s 3 Markers
Black Marker 1 > Zoom x 6 in the Periscope.
Black Marker 2 > Normal Periscope view 1.5 (see note 1)
Red Marker > Speed Knot Marker

4 > How To Set Up The RAOBF Wheel For An Attack

Calculations must be done in real time but Pause Game can still be used at any time.
The RAOBF MIDDLE RING can still be moved with the Game Paused. (see Note 4)
The U-boat must be at zero speed.
If using Real Navigation now order the Navigator to update your position.
Mark out i.e. 355 on the Navigation Map.
Raise the Attack Periscope.
Change the magnification to Zoom x 6 whenever possible.
Make sure the TDC is switched on.
Press the L key to move the XO TDC out of the way.
Lock the Target using the Spacebar.
Click on the Torpedo Man (WEPS Officer)
Click on the Follow Target Icon.
Click on the Torpedo Attack Icon.
Click on the Identify Target Icon i.e Liberty Cargo.
Note the Bearing to Target i.e 63
Click on the Chart Toggle Icon.
This will bring out the Recognition Manual (SOAN).
Find the Target in the Rec Manual.
From the Rec Manual we need to know two pieces of information.
Mast Height i.e 26.2 metres.
Ship Length 140.9 = 141 metres.
Close the Rec Manual using the Toggle Icon.
Press the RAOBF button.
This will centre on the Target.
Pause Game can be used at any time.
Count the number of Horizontal Lines 7.1 + 7.1 = 14.2
Count the number of vertical lines i.e 4.2
Turn off Follow Selected Target Icon from the WEPS Officer.
Note the Bearing 56 that refers to two markings just taken.
If using Real Navigation draw out 56 from the U-Boat’s heading with the Protractor.
Using the MIDDLE INNER RING turn it until 4.2 is under the Black Marker 1.
Now go to 26.2 on the OUTER RING.
Now look at the MIDDLE OUTER RING and you will see that the 25 is close to the 26.2 showing on the OUTER RING.
25 x 100 = 2,500 metres.
The Targets Range is 2,500 metres.
If using Real Navigation draw out 2,500 metres and mark with an X.

5 > Next Step Finding The AOB
Using the OUTER RING we note where the ships length (141) is on the Ring.
Moving the MIDDLE OUTER RING we move the Range on the Ring showing
25 = 2,500 metres to the 141 on the OUTER RING.
To get the AOB we need to count the optical length of the Target.
These are the Horizontal Lines to the Left and Right of the Centre Vertical Line.
This has to be counted out from the Centre Line both to the Left and then to the Right and does not include the Centre Line.
i.e 7.9 left + 7.9 right = 15.8
Looking at the MIDDLE INNER RING 15.8 shows the AOB is 43 on the AOB INNER RING.
Now take the Protractor if you are using Real Navigation and draw out 43 from the Range Line to the Mark X and past the U-boat.
If using Map Contacts you will already be able to see the Target so you just need to draw out the Targets Course with the Ruler to past the U-Boat.
Now using the Protractor check and make sure you have noted the AOB.

6 > Next Step Finding The Targets Speed
Remove the RAOBF by pressing its button.
Cancel Follow Target from the (WEPS Officer).
Reposition the Periscope so as to allow the Targets Bow to cross the
Periscopes Vertical Line.
Bring up the Stopwatch.
When the Targets Bow touches the Vertical Line start the Stopwatch.
When the Targets Stern touches the Vertical Line stop the stopwatch.
Time showing on the Stopwatch i.e. 46 seconds.
Press the RAOBF button.
The Seconds are counted from the MIDDLE OUTER RING.
Go to where 46 Seconds are showing on the MIDDLE OUTER RING and move the ring so it lines up with 141 on the OUTER RING (141 = ship length)
Look at the Red Marker to its position on the MIDDLE INNER RING.
The number showing is the Targets Speed in Knots i.e 6 Knots.
Remove the RAOBF by pressing its button.

7 > Next Step Moving To The Firing Position
Close the TDC
Using the Protractor draw a 90 Firing Position from the Targets Course Line.
Using the Compass or Rudder move the U-Boat at Ahead Slow so it is at 90 and then order All Stop.
Now is a good time to set up the number of Torpedoes you intend to fire.
Do not forget to set the Torpedoes Depth as you will not see the Hull diagram in time.

8 > Next Step Manually Enter The Data
Turn the Periscope to show 0.
Lower the Periscope so it cannot be seen while you enter the data.
Select Heading to View.
Click the TDC button to Manual input.
Enter the Speed i.e. 6 Knots.
Measure the Range from the U-boat to the 90 position on the Targets
Course Line i.e. 1,700 metres.
Enter the 1,700 metres on the Range Dial.
Enter AOB as 90 Port.
Set the Button back to Manual Off.
The Gyro Angle needs to show 0 in both dials by moving the Periscope.
The Periscope Bearing now shows a Firing Position of i.e. 8.
Fire the torpedoes when the Target enters 8.

Note 1 > If the Target will not fit in Zoom x 6 then you have to use the standard optical of 1.5
To get the Mast Height count the Vertical Lines as normal and then use the Black Marker 2 position.

Note 2 > If the Target will not fit in Zoom x 6 then you have to use the standard optical of 1.5
Count the Horizontal Length as normal then multiply the total by x 4 and then use the MIDDLE INNER RING.

Note 3 > The INNER RING AOB scale only shows up to 90.
If the Target is heading away then you need to take the INNER RING away from 180
So the sum for example could be 180 – 51 = 129 AOB

Note 4 > A change has been made to later interfaces that is not shown in Stoianm’s videos.
Now when the RAOBF button is pressed a two position switch becomes visible.

Note 5 > Up Position > The MIDDLE DISC can only be rotated by using the Mouse Wheel.

Note 6 > Down Position > The MIDDLE DISC cannot be rotated and is locked in position.

Note 7 > I can also recommended Trevally’s RAOBF tutorial.
Trevally Tutorial - All v0.2 (for OHIIv1.3) (Already included in TWOS and sobers mega mod)

Note 8 > Trevally's RAOBF thread link.

Courtesy acknowledgements to Stoianm, Trevally and vdr1981.

If you shade this Tutorial and then copy and paste it to your PC Notepad you can then edit it.

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