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Default Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final

Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final

Download link

Hi all, captains !!

This is the final version of the Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final, in which there was a number of changes, both large and small. Has been added to the console and enhanced devices. The navigation and attack maps are now visible at the bottom edge. Added gramophone, which is always at the top of the console for easy access. Change the location of AOB devices. Added additional icons on the left pane crops up. UZO now has zoom from x6 to x10. So as you will find some other changes and amendments, some of them are shown in the screenshots.
During testing, performance problems were identified with the mods as WBs USAM v69.61.1, as well as the GWX 3 Wilhemshafen, St Naz, Schluese and xtra ships V7. The reasons are not fully identified and are not entirely clear, perhaps somewhere not coincide with a resolution of 1920x1080 or d3d9.dll with some models of units or their texture. Nothing yet on this issue I can not truthfully say. With stock GWX and SH3 vanilla works flawlessly. In general, the case of each, use the GUI or not. In the future, I will look for reasons CTD and with the above mods.
Previous version Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 can be downloaded from SH3COMMUNITYMODS (User: Maik, Password: Woelfe), screenshots are for illustrative purposes.

Compatibility with other megamods not checked.

All the best and good luck !!

++ Ahnenerbe ++

Link: Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final


1. Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final is established through JSGME.
2. In the documentation folder additional mods (generally graphic). To copy in the MODS folder and to use at will. Only amendment to the relation of the Shortcuts for German U-Boats Compilation Mod folder..... It is actual only for mods of German U-Boats Compilation.
3. The SH3 Commander folder for those who uses SH3 Commander from JoneSoft. The folder merges with the main folder of the program. It not only for mods of German U-Boats Compilation, more definitely not for it (but works and with it). There are files for display of numbers of torpedo tubes for each type of the boat, otherwise, you would observe only a pure black circle on the device TDC. It as in OLC GUI, only I in menu_1024_768.ini copied everything on the and a lot of things anew, therefore this SH3 Commander folder only for mods of Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final.
4. I used the d3d9.dll and d3d9.ini files from mods of WideScreen 1920x1080 Project from vanjast, which author is Seeadler. I don't bear responsibility for them as they were created not by me. Therefore, I to predict the reasons of some distortions or other bugs in many respects not in forces. Here most likely each user which can be connected with the hardware of the computer or other nuances can have different reasons. My work in mods is an adjustment and a correcting of graphic files and other menus under permission 1920x1080, and also some part of own additions and some corrections from mods of Widescreen GUI for GWX (Conus), which formed a basis of this work.


Makman94 for NYGM (special thanks)

Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final - FILES for NYGM v3.6D
here are all the necessary files that are adapting ''Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final'' on NYGM v3.6D's needs.

Installation on NYGM v3.6D
1.Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final
2.Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final - FILES for NYGM v3.6D



Hi all !!

This mod was created on the basis of Conus' SH3GWXWS 2.3 1360x768 with subsequent global changes under
resolution of 1920x1080. Were processed image files, and added with a residence permit in menu_1024_768.ini
and Dials.cfg, where too much has changed. The mod includes developments Hitman, ONELIFECRISIS, makman94, Tycho
and vanjast, for a huge thanks to them.

For variety, add some optional files, use as desired.

In the future, I would not mind someone else using developments and alterations of this mod, all in your hands.

Happy hunting !!



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