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Originally Posted by imker View Post
I am using for Newuis 7.5.0 test version 17 with Silent Hunter 3 style.
The problem:
When i hovering mouse cursor on the first dial (speed) it is zooming ok, but when i hovering mouse on second dial (compass/heading), it is not zooming after first dial, and i should shake my mouse up and down to zoom second dial.
In the native Silent Hunter 4 and SH3 games, you can drag mouse from left to right by one moving, and all dials will be smoothly zooming and shrinking in sequence each after other.

How to solve this problem?
I want to smoothly zooming and shrinking all dials by one mouse moving from left to right like it was in SH3, SH4 old games.

Sorry for my bad English.

Problem lies in file named Page There one variable: ADialAlreadyZoomed, I deleted links on this variable in 6 strings of this file. And also edited, The result is great.
There are path on this mod, you can install it by jgsme.
It makes 3 dials smoothly zooming like in sh 3 and 4.
That is one way to do it but it's not perfect and thus why I have the variable in there. You can have the possibility of two dials zoomed without the variable and that bugs me. The way I currently have it is acceptable.

Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
Speed ​​of the VIIB in diving emergency seems excessive! I reached 100m in a few seconds. Better than a Porsche! My computer is too fast or is it a bug ?
Normal diving, time necessary was 30 seconds. See here specificity :
Enable the RPM inertia patch of my Generic Patcher. This will make the player's unit acceleration (and deceleration) much slower and thus slow down the emergency diving.

Originally Posted by aluc24 View Post
Bug report: hydrophone "hydrophone follow selected target" doesn't work properly. If I point needle towards desired target, hydroman says "no target to follow".

If I put needle to ship heading + target bearing and then press "follow", the needle swings and hydroman acquires target.

It works with no problems only if u-boat heading is 0.

Can you please fix this?
Fixed in v7.5.0 test version 18

Originally Posted by Vitzh View Post
Hello, I've recently started using this mod as part of The Wolves of Steel mega mod, and I'm having a very minor issue, but one that I would still like to fix if possible.

When I play the game at my native 2560x1440 resolution, there is a problem where the TAI is displaying in the upper left hand corner over the torpedo controls. I've tried disabling and enabling the TAI, as well as setting its starting width and height to both 0 and the default. It displays in this position both when enabled and disabled. I have also tried deleting all the Pagex_Draggables.TDW files in the install directory.

When I switch to 1920x1080, the TAI displays correctly.

I have linked a screenshot with the problem highlighted, I apologize if it is a bit difficult to see.

Thanks for the assistance.
I tried all different resolutions (up to 2560X1600 which is my native resolution) and was unable to reproduce your problem. Not sure why you are having problems.

Originally Posted by 7Infanterie19 View Post
I have a couple of questions that may have been asked somewhere in this huge thread, but which I couldn't find:

1. Is there a setting to have the journal autosave on exit, or do we have to always manually save it before exiting, either within the game, or by exiting to the main menu first? If there isn't a setting, would it be possible to create a setting in options to allow us to have it autosave?

2. Is there a setting in options that allows us to have TC set to 1 (and the flashing icon) upon receiving a new message from BdU that comes through the Captain's Log? I would like it to be the same action as I get with the message log, so I don't have to a) constantly check the CL for messages, or b) miss good messages in the CL, because I checked too late to take appropriate action on a reachable sighting.

1. There is no autosave for the ship's journal. You must exit to main menu in order to have a chance to save the ship's journal. This was the best solution I found.

2. That would require a new patch to be made for the SH5.exe. I'll add it to my list

Originally Posted by Jester_UK View Post
Couple of quick question:

I've got destroyed marks showing up with TDW's generic patcher installed. But any destroyed marks are cleared on saving and exiting the game. Is that supposed to happen or are they supposed to be stored and reappear on the map next time you start it up?

Secondly: The navigator...... Telling you every minute or two that you're in shallow water. I don't want to mute him completely, since the initial warning of such is useful, but is there any way to stop the repeated reports?

Alternatively is there a mod that adds a Luger to the captain's cabin so I can at least shoot the bugger??????
in versions less than 7.5.0 the destroyed marks are saved in the ship's journal. This means you must have an active journal. In versions >= 7.5.0 the destroyed marks are saved to the campaign's files. If there are problems with the destroyed marks still let me know what they are.

In order to have the "We're in shallow waters' fixed will require a new patch to the SH5.exe (this annoys me also!). I'll add it to my list

Originally Posted by moha14881 View Post
I once decided to move the recognition manual to the left outside the screen!! The problem is I can't get it back on screen!!
To bring it back I had to uninstall the whole thing and fresh install it back!!!
Miserable drastic condition!!!!!
Anyhow I want to avoid getting back to that bridge!!!!
Fixed in v7.5.0 test version 18.

Originally Posted by Dragon81 View Post
Hi TheDarkWraith,

may I report a little bug I noticed?

In the OptionsFileEditorViewer I activated the graphical NavMap tools.
When I'm in the NavMap and switch to the Outside view by pressing [F2], the normal Tools for the TAI Map are missing.
A workarround is to open the NavMap again and close it by using the Stiringwheel icon on the top right side.
Then the TAI Map tools are visible again.
Fixed in v7.5.0 test version 18

v7.5.0 test version 18 available here:

v7.5.0 - fixed bug in TDWMouse.dll that could cause python exception to be thrown
- redid destroyed marks
- made the whole left side of the NavMap features window draggable so that those users whose screen resolution is small can still view the whole window by dragging it up/down
- added a new order to the engineer's orders: electrics only. When this is clicked and enabled then propulsion will be limited to electric propulsion only (requires patch from Generic Patcher enabled for this)
- removed old sextant. Added a new sextant to the game. The sextant is used by calling up the Sextant window from the Navigator's order bar. This requires the Stadimeter being used as sextant patch to be enabled in the Generic Patcher. To use the sextant: call up Sextant window, place the scope reference line on the horizon, press the Enable sextant button in the Sextant window, press the Stadimeter button (little button above the TDC range dial), place green reference line on object wanting angle of, read out angle in the sextant window
- added two additional add-on mods: NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_gap_Sextant_Mask_Eye_Reflection and NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_gap_Sextant_Mask_No_Eye_Reflectio n. These can be used to set a mask for the Sextant (by default the sextant has no mask - just open display)
- added a new user option that controls the starting and minimum width of the messagebox. Minimum width is 180.0. Default is 315.0 (stock size). (MessageBoxMinimumWidth)
- revised Automation so that it dynamically 'loads' the commands for the script when script is played. When script is stopped the commands are 'unloaded' to free memory. This dramatically reduces the memory used with all the scripts loaded in.
- when Disable sextant is clicked in the sextant window it will also disable the sextant window now
- fixed bug of being able to close sextant window while sextant was active (if this happened then there was no way to deactivate sextant!)
- fixed bug of button for using sextant disappearing after using the sextant
- added a new icon to the engineer order category: diveplanes
- added a new orders bar: diveplanes. This has the orders for controlling the diveplanes (if the manual diveplanes patch is enabled of my Generic Patcher)
- fixed problem of depth bar not rendering if the add-on mod NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_AltAdvSpeedGraphics_by_naights was enabled
- fixed bug of after using Sextant none of the order bars would be visible and camera zoom was 'zoomed'
- fixed bug of tutorials always showing corrupt in the main menu
- added a new parameter to the user chart files: Sizeable=. If this value is 1 then the chart is sizeable by using the mousewheel, dragging a corner, or dragging a side. NOTE: the chart's size will NOT be saved and will be restored to original size at game end or exit to main menu
- user charts now dynamically load/unload thus saving memory used
- Revised hydro follow target to fix lock-on problems
- Fixed problem of map tools not being visible when option map tools as objects is enabled under certain situations
- At start of game if SOAN's left tab is found to be off the right hand side of the screen or it's right tab is found to be off the left hand side of the screen then SOAN will be reset to it's as-designed position (this ensures at least one of the tabs is visible at all times)

This new test version is needed to test the revised stadimeter as sextant patch of the Generic Patcher v1.0.164.0

See here for information on revised stadimeter as sextant patch:

download info for v7.5.0 test version can now be found at post #1 also
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