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Default See All 28 Mods In Dynamic Environment v2.9 SH5 + New Additions

Last updated 5th January 2015

Dynamic Environment is a collection of 28 mods that is highly recommended to add enjoyment to your game play.

Only select 1 mod from each number sequence.

All mods are optional except number 1.

1. Main Mod

2. Main Mod Low Resolution

3.a Enhanced Visibility (Medium)

3.b Enhanced Visibility (High)

4.a Camera Filters – Realistic Colors

4.b Camera Filters – Vivid Colors

5.a Ambient Settings – Darker Nights

5.b Ambient Settings – No Murky Waters

5.c Ambient Settings – Darker Nights – No Murky Waters

6. Sleet for Winter Campaign

7. Clear Water Surface

8.a Wave Mechanics – Breeze

8.b Wave Mechanics – Gale

8.c Wave Mechanics – Hurricane

9. Sobers Best Ever Tweaks (Contains the 5 mods below)

Sobers DOF V4 SH5 (No longer listed in Sobers downloads)

Sobers Best Ever Fog V22 (Later version V31 available)

Sobers Better Terrain V3 SH5 (Later version V4 available)

Sobers Lights Cfg V5 SH5 (Later version V10 available)

Sobers waves Mod V9 09012013 (Later version V30 available)

Link to Sobers Downloads for later versions.

For the latest ‘Moon Light Mod’ go to the above Sobers Download Link

10.I Seafloor (High Resolution)

10.II Seafloor (Medium Resolution)

10.III Seafloor (Low Resolution)

11.a.I Sea Plants – Atlantic Kelp Forests (High Resolution)

11.a.II Sea Plants – Atlantic Kelp Forests (Medium Resolution)

11.a.III Sea Plants – Atlantic Kelp Forests (Low Resolution)

11.b.I Sea Plants – Med Posidonia Meadows (High Resolution)

11.b.II Sea Plants – Med Posidonia Meadows (Medium Resolution)

11.b.III Sea Plants – Med Posidonia Meadows (Low Resolution)

11.c.I Sea Plants – Coral Reefs (High Resolution)

11.c.II Sea Plants – Coral Reefs (Medium Resolution)

11.c.III Sea Plants – Coral Reefs (Low Resolution)

12. Sounds

Download Link to Dynamic Environment v2.9 SH5 Mods – Fixes – Update and other information.

New Additions Now Available From Dynamic Environments

blue title = optional update

title = critical update

Medium Fog Bug Workaround by archer9(date added: 12 Jan 2014)
This mod replaces medium fog settings with clear weather settings and light fog settings with medium fog, thus making medium fog to appear much more rarely in game. Undesired side effects: there is no light fog anymore, and transition from clear weather to heavy fog is very sudden.
Enable the DynEnv-compatible version of Medium Fog Bug Workaround on top DynEnv's main mod and, if used, after any version of DynEnv's Enhanced Visibility submod. No campaign restart required.

DynEnv v2.9 - Brighter Nights (date added: 19 Jul 2013)
This submod reduces the problem of nights being excessively dark for some users. Available in two alternative versions: Brighter Nights (normal version) and Brighter Nights-No Murky Waters (merge of the two submods).

DynEnv v2.9 - No Glaring Sunlight (date added: 19 Jul 2013)
This submod is an attempt to reduce the excessively bright sun reported by some users, and it is a combination of the lights.cfg
settings suggested by Venus with stock hdr_exterior.cfg, as suggested by robbierob2005. There is still space for some finetuning probably, but you should notice a substantial improvement anyway.

DynEnv v2.9 - Wave Mechanics - Gale (Improved) (date added: 9 May 2013)
This is a big improvement over the Wave Mechanics - Gale optional mod featured in DynEnv v2.9, which now contains Fifi's tweaks (thank you again mate!). JSGME ready. Enable it any time in place of any other wave mechanics mod. Compatible with DynEnv v2.9 - Sobers Best Ever Tweaks (enabled DynEnv v2.9 - Wave Mechanics - Gale (Improved) and let JSGME to overwrite the conflicting file).
wind speed 0 m/s, wind speed 14 m/s

DynEnv v2.9 - No U-Mark (date added: 20 Mar 2013)
Removes the orange marker denoting U-boat's position in external view.

DynEnv v2.9 - No Underwater Impurity Patch (date added: 5 Mar 2013)
Removes underwater impurity particles. Enable it after the Main Mod and either of the Enhanced Visibility optional mods, if used.
NOTE: required by the Enhanced Visibility submod high version, to fix a bug which makes impurity to be rendered as solid white squares.

DynEnv v2.9 - No Underwater FX Patch (date added: 3 Mar 2013)
Removes underwater diffraction effects. Enable it after the Main Mod and the Enhanced Visibility (medium) optional mod, if used.
You don't need it if you are using the Enhanced Visibility (high) submod.

Please be aware that the additional Sobers mods that are in blue in the Dynamic Environment thread are not up to date.

The latest sober versions should be downloaded from from the link below

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