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Default How Can I Get A Better Frame Rate In Silent Hunter 5?

Last updated 10th April 2015

1. Don't use 3d clouds.

2. Shadow slider all way to left (so none at all)

3. Terrain objects and particles density move notches left.

4. Don't use light shafts and ships caustic effects (caustics is included in several mods)

5. Get this d3d_antilag101 leave as-is and place the two items in game directory (eg : c:/ubisoft/silenthunter5/2 items from d3d_antilag101 here)

6. The AA slider have more to the left than right if that's possible.

7. And stay away from heavy smoke mods etc.

Courtesy acknowledgement to Defiance

Download Link to D3D9 antilag v1.01

If you're using FX_Update by TheDarkWraith, disable it. I just did.

Huge improvement in any combat situation.

Courtesy acknowledgement to Capt Morgan

To view the ‘Frame Rate’ while playing.

Hold down the ‘CTRL Key and F8 Key’

Courtesy acknowledgement to tonschk

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