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Originally Posted by topsn View Post
could anyone help me I have the same problem as already was described from wombat778 in post 547. The tai map is there but itīs invisible. I made already a fresh installation of the game and also I had activated the tai map in the OptionsFileEditorViewer but it dosnīt work until yet. maybe anyone has an solution for me. thanks in advance for your support

I managed to turn the TAI back on by messing with the various options on the TAI tab in the options viewer. I _think_ the option that turned it on was to change the "Mini-map (TAI) initial width" option to the default value of 490 and the "Mini-map (TAI) initial height" option to the default value of 450. I also turned on the Map Scale, Show Map coordinates, Locations, Minefields, Shallow waters, and Resupply ship options. I set the mini-map mode at game start to TAIModeMinimized.

Hopefully some combination of that will turn it on for you!
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