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Default Play Silent Hunter 5 Offline!

Play Silent Hunter 5 in Offline Mode!
Playing with Ubisoft Connect Offline will let you use your own game saves itaken from C:\Documents\SH5\data\cfg SaveGames instead of the Cloud synchronized ones which maybe corrupted.
You may see a message asking where to take the saved games from.

Your game should not be installed in the Program Files (x86) restricted directory.
If this is so then I would suggest that you uninstall and re-install again, use a registry cleaner before re-booting your system.

Picture 1 > Initializing Ubisoft Connect

Picture 2 > Click on the Horizontal Lines

Picture3 > Menu showing

Picture 4 > Click on the Go Offline Key showing

Picture 5 > Initializing the Setting

Picture 6 > Shows the Game is now in Offline Mode

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