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Default Game Play Settings In Silent Hunter 5

Last updated 26th January 2016

These percentages do not apply if using The Wolves Of Steel mega mod.

Game Play Settings are selected from the Main Menu and then by selecting Options.

Game Play Option Levels:

Low > 2%
Medium > 38%
High > 77%
Realistic > 100%
Custom > % dependant on what is added or removed.

The default setting showing in Game Play Settings is always determined by the setting originally selected when a New Campaign is chosen.

Selections can be changed by either ticking, or un-ticking a box, this changes the default setting to become a Custom Game Play Setting.

Limited Batteries > Medium > High

When selected, the batteries that power your submarines electric engines are limited, this, in turn, limits the amount of time you can stay submerged before the batteries must be recharged.

Limited Compressed Air > High

When selected, your submarine uses an amount of compressed air to surface by blowing air in the ballast tanks.
If you exhaust your supply, you will have difficulties in bringing the submarine to the surface.
Compressed air is regenerated by your compressor when the submarine is running on the surface, so it is vital to keep that piece of equipment in good condition.

Limited O2 > Medium > High

When the submarine is submerged, the crew uses oxygen and generates CO2 (carbon dioxide).
Over time, the air will become un-breathable, affecting the performance of the crew and possibly even leading to their death.
When this option is selected, you must surface your submarine periodically to resupply your submarine with fresh air.

Limited Fuel > High > Realistic

When selected, your submarine has limited fuel, and therefore limited range.
You must return to base before your fuel supply is exhausted.
There are no refuelling submarines in the (stock) game.
You will get a warning during the patrol when you have used 50% of your fuel.

Realistic Repair Time > Medium > High > Realistic

When selected, damage repairs will take longer.

Manual Targeting System > High > Realistic

When selected, you must enter the appropriate information in to the TDC when firing torpedoes. You cannot simply point the TBT or periscope at a target and fire.

No Map Contact Update > Realistic

When selected, hydrophone and visual contacts will not appear on the navigation map.
Radio contacts, however will periodically appear on the map.

No Deck Gun Projectile Path > High > Realistic

The yellow line from the deck gun to the target is no longer shown.

Realistic Sensors > Medium > High > Realistic

When selected, the effectiveness of your hydrophone and radar is reduced.

Dud Torpedoes > Medium > High > Realistic

When selected, your torpedoes will periodically malfunction.
Malfunctioning torpedoes will either detonate too early, or not detonate at all.

Realistic Reload > High > Realistic

When selected, it will take a considerable amount of time to reload the torpedo tubes.

No Event Camera > Low > Medium > High > Realistic

When selected, the event camera is disabled.
You will not see your torpedo tracking to the target or when the target sinks beneath the waves.

No External View > Realistic

When selected, the external camera is disabled.

No Stabilize View > Realistic

When selected, your targeting optics (i.e the TBT and attack periscope) will be realistically affected by the submarines movement on the waves.
This will make targeting more difficult in rough seas.

No Ship Damage Meters > High > Realistic

No explanation available.

Multiplayer Settings

Displays Submarine Owner
Displays Torpedoes Owner

Measurement Units


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