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Default TDW’s Generic File Patcher Illustrated Settings You Can Use in Yours

Last updated 5th March 2017

Do Not Use These Settings For Either sobers Mega Mod Or The Wolves Of Steel

1. Patches to Enable in TDW’s Generic File Patcher (GFP) v1.0.68.0
2. Advanced and Experimental Patches should not be Enabled without taking advice.
3. This is a basic set up that you can copy and use to set up your own (GFP).
4. If you are using TDW’s NewUi 7-4-2 then there are no additional changes needed to be made.
5. If you are using TDW’s NewUi 7-5-0 then changes need to be made where shown.
6. Opening the Generic File Patcher and seeing all of the 9 Patchers. (Picture 1)
Picture 1

7. Seeing the 1st CameraManager Patcher. (Picture 2)
Picture 2

8. Seeing the 2nd EnvSim Patcher. (Picture 3)
Picture 3

9. Seeing the 3rd kernel Patcher. (Picture 4)
Picture 4

10. Seeing the 4th SH5.exe Patcher. (Pictures 5 Parts 1 & 2
If you are using TDW NewUI 7-5-0 then enable the Real nav menu.txt entries.
Want to know how to change the Map Colors then use the Tutorial below?
Post #41 Change The Map Colours In TDW's Generic File Patcher
Picture 5

Picture 5 part 2 Second part of this long patch.

Seeing the 5th SHCollisions Patcher. (Picture 6)

Picture 6

Seeing the 6th SHSim Patcher. (Pictures 7 Parts 1 & 2
This picture shows the 20 Torpedo Patches Enabled.
Picture 7

Picture 7 part 2 Second part of this long patch.

Seeing the 7th SHSound Patcher. (Picture 8)
Picture 8

Seeing the 8th SHNClient Patcher. (Picture 9)
Picture 9

Seeing the 9th SimData Patcher. (Picture 10)
Picture 10

Download Link and information for TDW's GFP
SH5.exe patches to fix bugs and add functionality
Other GFP Tutorial Links.

Courtesy acknowledgement to TheDarkwraith

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