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Default Lost Your Bearings? > This Might Just Put You Right

Last updated 8th October 2017
Lost Your Bearings? > This Might Just Put You Right
There are ‘3 Bearing Types.’
1. True
2. Hydro
3. Scope

4. A ‘True Bearing’ (Inner Compass) always faces ‘N’ (North) ‘0’ or ‘360’ degrees
5. This type of Bearing is used for ‘Map Work’ and ‘Setting Headings’

6. The ‘Hydro’ and ‘Scope Bearing’ (Outer Compass) will ‘Start’ at ‘0’ and ‘End’ at ‘360’ degrees at the ‘U-Boats Bow.’
7. Any Bearing information that you receive from your ‘Crew’ will be this type.
8. The ‘Radio Man’ will give both ‘True’ and ‘Scope Bearings.’
9. The ‘Navigator’ will give ‘True Bearings’
10. The ‘U-Boats Bow’ (Inner Compass) is showing ‘90 degrees’ ‘East’ and ‘0 degrees’ ‘N’ ‘True North.’
11. If we are heading ‘90 degrees ‘East’ ‘True’ (Inner Compass) and receive information from the ‘Sonar Man’ saying there is a ‘Contact’ at ‘350 degrees’ (Outer Compass) we must convert this to a ‘True Bearing’ before it can be plotted on our ‘Navigation Map.’
12. The Scope and Hydro Bearing (Outer Compass) is showing ‘0’ degrees ‘East’ at the ‘U-Boats Bow.’
13. To ‘Convert’ to a ‘True Bearing’ we must add the ‘U-Boats Bearing’ ’90 degrees’ plus the ‘350 degrees Contacts Bearing.’
14. If the ‘Total’ passes ‘360 degrees’ we start again from ‘0’
15. The ‘Calculation’ is ‘350 + 90 = 440 – 360 = 80 degrees.’
16. The (Outer Compass) will show ‘350 degrees.’
17. The (Inner Compass) will show ’80 degrees’ ‘True Bearing.’

Source Trevally’s 4 Bearing Tutorial
Courtesy acknowledgement to Travelly

If you shade this information and then copy and paste it to your PC Notepad you can then edit it.

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