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Default Why You Should Be Making Manual Saves

Last updated 3rd November 2015

Silent Hunter 5 has 2 automated saves.
Autosave Enter Base (AEB)
Autosave In Game (AIG)

The AEB save is created when you first start a new career and when you end a patrol.
The AIG save is an automated save that is created every 25 minutes in the game.
Neither of these saves should be used to start or continue a mission/patrol.

When you end a patrol you are placed in the bunker ready to start another mission or patrol.
At this point you should use the Esc key and then Save Game to enter a manual save reference of your choice.

When the AEB save is loaded to enter the Bunker a Manual save should be made by using the Esc key and then Save Game to enter a manual save reference of your choice.
This manual save is then used to start your mission.

The AIG saves will continue to be made while your game is running by overwriting each other.
When you decide to make a manual save these AIG saves will disappear having been overwritten by your Manual save.

These Manual save practices help to keep your game stable unlike the automated ones that can become corrupted and should not be trusted.

If you are covering a long distance it is a good idea to break the journey by making a Manual save and then using Resume.

If you are in the Baltic and heading for Kiel then make a Manual save 200km from Kiel and then exit the game back to the desktop.
By doing this you will reduce the chance of a CTD due to the amount of data that had been collected before the Manual save and now of course as you near Kiel you will pick up a lot of traffic that is going to reduce your frame rate to a much lower level.

Do not make a save prior to attacking.
Manual saves should not be made within 60km of any coast line, attacker, or destroyed marks.

Manual saves should not be made when submerged unless it is unavoidable.
The periscope should be raised to view before making the Manual save.

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