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Default Can I Skip The Silent Hunter 5 Tutorial?

Last updated 21st August 2018

Can I Skip The Silent Hunter 5 Tutorial?
Most of it yes you can.
If you are new to Silent Hunter 5 and start a new Career you will normally have to do the Tutorial (Not TWoS).

Exit the Tutorial when you hear the cinematic music by using the ESC key.
Back on the Desktop you need to make a change to your Career History cfg file.

Your ‘Career History’ is not kept in your ‘Silent Hunter 5 Files’ but is to be found in the following path:
C:\Documents\SH5\data\cfg\Career History

HasCompletedTutorial = false
You need to change > false to true.
Go to > File
Select > Save

Ok, now take a look at this.
Post #52 Career History CFG File Why You Need To Make A Copy Of It > Pictorial

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