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Default Beginners Guide To Manual Targeting Fast 90 Degree Attack Setup

Last updated 15th March 2019

Beginners Guide To Manual Targeting Fast 90 Degree Attack Setup

A Fast 90 Attack or similar terminology you may have heard of but not really understood what this actually means.
The easiest way to explain this is taking up an attack position which will give a high percentage result where you only need 3 essentials.
The Targets Speed.
Torpedo Speed.
Correct Gyro Angles of 0 of your U-Boat course to the Targets course.

You do not need to identify or lock the Target unless you wish to get information from the Recognition Manual.
Drawing a line from the Target past your U-boat gives you his Course.
You take up a position using the Protractor so you are at an angle of 90 at about 800 to 1000 meters to his Course Line.
With the Periscope at 0 you have an AOB of 90.
You cannot shoot at that angle because by the time your Torpedo arrives the Target will have passed and you will always miss.

Click the TDC Button to go to Manual Input.
Put the Periscope at 0.
I will assume you know how to get the Targetís speed.
Enter the Targets Speed in the TDC.
Move the AOB Dial to 90 at the Periscopes 0 Bearing.
Check whether you are entering the correct direction Port or Starboard.
Your ideal firing position should be around 800 to a 1000 meters away.
A Range must be entered in the TDC even though it is not a factor in setting up the attack, it just means something has to be entered to complete setting up the TDC.
Click on the Button to close Manual TDC.

You will notice that the AOB Dial you set at 90 will adjust as you move the Periscope automatically.
Set the Torpedo Speed ideally to fast.

Reset the Periscope Bearing so the 2 Gyro Angle Dials are both pointing at 0.
Depending on the Torpedo Speed entered will determine the number of degrees the periscope needs to be moved to align the TDC Gyro Angles to 0.

You Fire the Torpedoes when the Target passes across the Periscopes Vertical Cross Hair.
You need to set a depth for the Torpedoes.
You can do this by sizing how big the target is or by using the Recognition Manuals information.

Remember, the Tube Doors must be open and ready or the Attack will fail when the Fire Button is pressed.
That's it done.

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