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Default Silent Hunter Mod Validator Instructions

Last updated 5th October 2017

How To Use The Silent Hunter Validator

1. Go to your ‘Mods Folder.’
2. The ‘SH Validator’ is inside ‘TDW,s NewUI Base Mod.’
3. Open the ‘Base Mod’ (i.e.7_4_2)
4. Open the ‘Data Folder.’
5. Open the ‘Application Folder.’
6. Open the ‘SH5 Validator Folder.’ >7th Folder
7. Open the ‘SHValidator’ ‘Application.’
8. Select ‘SH5.’
9. ‘Ok’ it.
10. If you want to find the path yourself then click on ‘Yes.’
11. Go to your ‘Main’ ‘Silent Hunter 5 Folder’ (but do not open it.)
12. ‘Ok’ it.

The following will be ‘Validated.’
Saved Campaigns

When the “Validation” has completed if it has found any “Errors” you can review “The Log For Errors”
“Errors” are denoted by leading “*********”
You will then be offered to “Generate a Log File”.
“Ok” to generate one.
This will allow you to give the “Log” a “File Name” of your choice and also where you want to put it.
“Save” it
You will get a “Confirmation” “Save Created Successfully”
“Ok” it

This is held as a “Text File” that you can then view the status of all the files that were logged.

If you shade this Tutorial and then copy and paste it to your PC Notepad you can then edit it.

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