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Default TDW's 9 Patches In The Generic File Patcher (GFP)

TDW's 9 Patches In The Generic File Patcher (GFP)

If you are missing any patches when installing the GFP for any reason you can use this tutorial to copy any of these patches into your own GFP.

The easiest way to do this is to download the zip file directly to where the patches are seen.

Download Link Here

The first thing to do is open your GFP.
Picture 1 > GFP Menu

Picture 2 > Open the Patches folder.

Picture 3 > Open the SH5 folder

Picture 4 > Shows an empty backup folder and 9 patches as they should be seen.

Picture 5 > Zip file showing with the patches
Download the Zip file into this folder.

Picture 6 > Shows the opened Zip file.
The 9 patches showing are in the correct order.

Picture 7 > Highlight the patch you are missing.
This example is showing my game with no missing patches.
Go to the Copy TAB and press it.

Picture 8 > OK to confirm.
The patch will copy and increase the number of patches showing.

Picture 9 > Exit the zip file unless you are missing more than one path if so repeat the process.
Cut and paste the Zip file to somewhere safe if you want to keep it.

Start the GFP Application exe from the menu (Picture 1).

Picture 10 > You may need to check this unless you are automatically prompted to do so.

Courtesy acknowledgement to TheDarkWraith

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