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Default SH5 Single Play Campaign Progress Workaround By Vecko

Due to broken OSI application which is slipped by Ubisoft to legitimate SH5 owners, many (if not all) SH5 players will experience problem which is manifested as game's inability to update gamesave Camaign.cfg file, the file which is really important for player's progress and campaign transfers.
The problem itself is best known and can be observed as infamous SH5 "tonnage bar bug"...
I have removed this distracting element from the game but even without arcade tonnage bar, the problem has another ugly side effect which is reflected in game's inability to update macro objective/campaign status. This means that upon reaching individual campaign ending date, campaign transfer will not be initiated and player will be doomed to continue without any side missions, objectives and with shipping/units settings characteristic only for early war...

However, there is workaround for this issue which will allow the player to continue campaign and which is IMO even more realistic that stock instant "jump" from patrol to bunker when final ending date of individual campaign is reached.

Before we start you should know that all SH5 gamesaves are stored in "My documents/SH5/data/cfg/SaveGames" folder and they are named something like "0000000d" or "00000001a" ect... In order to track down your game saves better, you should sort your game save folders by date modified and especially pay attention to time of the game save creation because this is the best indicator which will help you to match your silly named game save folders to those shown in in the game save/load menu.

OK, so you have reached first campaign (Coastal Waters) ending date (1st June 1940), campaign transfer failed to initialize and you have lost all objectives/mission visible in upper left corner of your navigation map. This is what you should do...

SH5 campaign progress workaround

1. Replacing files
- Make your best speed to your home port, end patrol there and make a manual game save when you enter the bunker. Note the time of the game save creation, we will call this one "Last CW save"...

- Then, restart your game and start new campaign in which you wish to continue your career using "silentotto" cheat (in this case Happy Times). Again, make a manual game save when you enter the bunker, we will call this one "HT save"...Exit the game...

- Now, go to your SH5 SaveGames folder and locate your "HT save". In it, you will find folder named "Campaign-2015-xx-xx_xxxx" with 4 files in it:

- Copy/paste these files from your "HT save" to an equivalent location in your "Last CW save" and overwrite all files.

Now, all necessary campaign files are replaced and we are almost done. The only thing left to do is to edit our flotilla settings located in CareerTrack.upc file. Note that flotilla settings are not necessary for CW to HT transfer because both campaigns features the same 2nd Flottila...

2. Flotilla settings
- Open with notepad CareerTrack.upc file located in your "Last CW save" and you will find there these lines responsible for flotilla settings:

[CareerTrack 1]

[CareerTrack 1.CareerStatusHeader]
CareerOptionsDate=1939-08-31 13:00:00

[CareerTrack 1.CareerStatusLast]
CurrentDate=1939-09-29 17:36:57
PlayerCurrentLastPromotionDateTime=1939-08-31 13:00:00
CurrentSDepartureDescription=979352,6.42534e+006,1 80.777

- Now depending on which campaign you wish to enter, you should edit your flotilla settings to match following:

for Mare Nostrum 15/03/41 - 01/12/41
CurrentFlotilla=23rdFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F8Kiel CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F8VIIC
for Western Approaches 20/03/41 - 01/12/41
CurrentFlotilla=6thFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F4Kiel CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F4VIIC
for Battle of the Mediterranean 15/12/41 - 01/09/42
CurrentFlotilla=29thFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F9Kiel CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F9VIIC
for Arctic Convoys 19/12/41 - 19/09/42
CurrentFlotilla=11thFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F7Bergen CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F7VIIC
for Operation Drumbeat 12/12/41 - 01/09/42
CurrentFlotilla=2ndFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F2Lorient CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F2VIIC
for Distant Waters 15/09/42 - 15/02/43
CurrentFlotilla=3rdFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F3Toulon CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F3VIIC
for The Black Pit 20/09/42 - 15/02/43
CurrentFlotilla=9thFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F6Brest CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F6VIIC
for Turning Point 01/03/43 - 15/06/44
CurrentFlotilla=9thFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F6Kiel CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F6VIIC41F
for Monsun Gruppe 01/03/43 - 15/06/44
CurrentFlotilla=7thFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F6LaPallice CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F6VIIC41
for The Final Years 01/07/44 - 09/05/45
CurrentFlotilla=9thFlotilla CurrentFlotillaBase=F6Wilhelmshaven CurrentUPCFlotillaUserPlayerUnitType=F6VIIC41
Save your changes and now you are ready to continue your career. Start the game, load your modified "Last CW save" , request your secondary mission and patrol grid and happy hunting!

Best regards...

Courtesy acknowledgemt to vdr1981 (Vecko)

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