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Default How To Fire The Deck Gun Manually Using TDW'S NewUI

Last updated 31st December 2014

Instructions > How To Fire The Deck Gun Manually.

“Main Menu” select “Options”

Selecting “Game Play Settings” will change the way the “Deck Gun” operates.

No Deck Gun Projectile Path

When this Box is Ticked.

1. No Green Gun Sight.

2. No Shell will be seen on the TAI Map

No Deck Gun Projectile Path

Box Not Ticked

1. Green Gun Sight will be the first Gun Sight showing.

2. Your TAI Map will show where your Shells are falling.

It is essential that the “Battle Station” order is given by the Watch Officer Icon 1.

If this is not done then the “Deck Gun Crew” will not place the “Deck Gun” in the correct position after leaving it.

(Before) You give the orders then either “Walk” or “Teleport” to the “Deck Gun”.

1. Watch Officer > Icon 1

2. Battle Stations > Icon 5

3. Crew On Deck > Icon 10

4. M.T.D.G. > Icon 4

(Or After) You now either “Walk” or “Teleport” to the “Deck Gun”

Then give the above orders.

When you get to the “Deck Gun” you will see a “Green Gun Sight”. (Depending on your “Game Play Settings).

To “Traverse” the gun and “Elevate” it is all done by moving your mouse.

There is an annoying glitch that causes you to lose your “Deck Gun Crew”. This happens when the U-boat is pitching up and down. You will notice this when you cannot move the “Deck gun” from side to side.

To call the “Deck Gun Crew” back you need to do the following every time this happens.

1. Crew On Deck > Icon 10

2. M.T.D.G. > Icon 4

Leave your “Icons” showing so that you can see them.

Any “Yellowed Icon” is active.

The second way to fire the “Deck Gun.

Click on the “Gun Sight” in the top left corner.

This opens the “Standard Gun Sight”.

Click on the “Gun Sight” again in the top left corner.

This opens up the “High Power Gun Sight

Moving your mouse will move the “Deck Gun” from left to right (Traversing)

Using your mouse wheel will raise and lower the “Deck Gun” (Trajectory)

There are 3 types of “Ammunition” available.

1. A.P. > Armour Piercing.

2. H.E. > High Explosive.

3. A.A. > Anti Aircraft

The amount of “Ammunition” available is shown under each shell.

To select the shell type just click on it with your mouse.

1. Place the “Deck Gun Sight Crosshairs” on the target.

2. Adjust the “Elevation”

3. Press the “Space Bar” to “Fire”

You will see in the “Message Box” “Gun Loading”

If you look at the “Shell” you will see it filling up.

You can keep pressing the “Space Bar” down and still move your mouse.

The next “Shell” will then “Fire” immediately when the “Deck Gun” has loaded.

You will need to learn when to “Fire” so as to take in to account the rise and fall of the u-boat.

I would suggest that you test your “Gun Practicing” by going to “Historical Missions” and selecting “Bullet Spark Test” and select “Start”.

This will give you 2 Merchants to practice your shooting on.

When you have finished “Firing” altogether click on the “Red X” in the “Top Right Corner”

You can either “Walk” or “Teleport” back to the “Bridge”

To finish

1. Watch Officer > Icon 1

2. Battle Stations > Icon 5 (Yellowed)

Using the “Officer on the Bridge” “Dieter Epp” will mess with the “Deck Gun” being placed correctly when you give him the order “Secure The Deck Gun”

Courtesy acknowledgement to TheDarkWraith

If you shade this Tutorial and then copy and paste it to your PC Notepad you can then edit it.

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