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Default Deck Gun Crew Testing Using TDW's NewUI

Last updated 16th June 2017

No “Binoculars” were used in these tests.

Icons are to be read from the right to left for numbering purposes.

1st Test using “Dieter Epp” Officer on the bridge

1. Give the order to officer on the bridge to > “M.T.D.G. (This will bring the Gun Crew on to the Deck)

2. Watch Officer > Icon 1

3. Battle Stations > Icon 5

4. Crew on Deck > Icon 10

5. M.T.D.G. > Icon 4 (This will already be yellowed)

6. Deck Gun > Icon 8

7. F.A.W. > Icon 9

8. Hold Fire > Icon 8

9. Battle Stations > Icon 5 (Will reposition the Deck Gun properly)

10. Give the order to officer on the bridge to > Secure The Deck Gun.

Note 1: The “Battle Station” icon is essential before and after.

Note 2: Before the Gun automatically fires there is a slight time delay
which can be explained as “Time to receive the order to fire”.

Note 3: Do not use F7 Battle Stations. Battle Stations must be from the “Watch Officer”

2nd Test only using the icons from the “Watch Officer”

1. Watch Officer > Icon 1

2. Battle Stations > Icon 5

3. Crew On Deck > Icon 10

4. M.T,D.G. > Icon 4

5. Deck Gun > Icon 8

6. F.A.W. > Icon 9

7. Hold Fire > Icon 8

8. Battle Stations > Icon 5 (This will secure the Deck Gun in the proper position)

Notes 1 – 2 – 3 all apply to test 2

Note 4: There is no way to remove the “Deck Gun Crew” from the “Deck Gun”

If the officer on the bridge is given the order to “M.T.D.G. and then the order “S.T.D.G. The “Deck Gun” will not be positioned correctly.

The “Deck Gun Crew” will normally fire at the nearest target. When this is destroyed they will automatically reposition the “Deck Gun” and start firing at the next nearest target. The “binoculars can be locked on to select the target of your choice using the above instructions. It is not necessary for the “Binoculars to be looking at the target once firing has commenced.

Courtesy acknowledgement to TheDarkWraith

If you shade this Tutorial and then copy and paste it to your PC Notepad you can then edit it.

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