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Default JSGME Installing It Correctly

Last updated 25th April 2018

JSGME Installing It correctly

The Wolves Of Steel Mega Mod automatically installs this application for you.

This application is included in Sobers Subsim Bonus Mega Mod All In One Version1421 20072017 Download

JSGME Downmload link.

Picture 1 > Subsim JSGME Download.

Picture 2 > Shows JSGME downloaded into the SH5 Main Game Folder.

Picture 3 > Double click on the JSGME Zip File to open it.

Picture 4> Click on the Extract Tab.

Picture 5 > The path shows the SH5 Main Game Folder.
Press OK.

Picture 6 > Close the Zip File.

Picture 7 > Double click on the JSGME_Setup to start the installation.

Picture 8 > Click Next on the Wizard.

Picture 9 > Tick “I accept agreement”

Picture 10 > Press Next.

Picture 11 > Press Next.

Picture 12 > The path shows the SH5 Main Game Folder.
Press Next.

Picture 13 > Tells you it will put the JSGME Icon on your Desk Top.
Press Next.

Picture 14 > Click on Install.

Picture 15 > Tells you about the different languages and how to access them.
Click Next.

Picture 16 > Untick the (Online) user guide as it only shows an error message.
Click Finish.

Picture 17 > Double click on the JSGME Icon to open the mod enabler.

Picture 18 > Click on OK so the Mods folder can be installed.

Picture 19 > Close JSGME.

Your game is now ready to accept Mods.

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