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[REL] Real U-Boat Performance - Type VII

This mod will adjust submarine performance in order to meet historical data as much as possible...


- Significantly reduced surface and underwater acceleration. Underwater acceleration: 1-6 knots, approx 45 sec. with 90-95% batteries capacity.
- Adjusted submarine max speed and range.
- Historically correct resulting speeds depending on the selected engine operating modes.
- Introduced drag for conning towers which will depend of conning twr type.
- Added one more operational mod for diesel engines which can be selected by commanding any speed higher than 18 knots. (Dreimal A.K. 3x A.K. utmost speed )
- Adjusted surface and underwater turning speeds and radius.
- Adjusted submarine's surface draught .
- Adjusted dive times/rates.
- New accurate Submarine.cfg entries for TDW's electric engines ratio patch.
- Battery recharging propulsion fix for type VIIb.
- Battery life time as per Volodya's settings
- Engine RPM gauges connected with corresponding engine and propeller shaft.
- Significantly increased external torpedoes transfer time and internal torpedoes reloading times. Ext. torpedoes: approx. 4h,
Internal torpedoes: about 25min.
- Optimized for use with TDW gen.patcher
- Modified crew special abilities costs in order to sustain realistic submarine performance. Some abilities like max dive depth will be free from the start, while others are impossible to unlock , like level 2 for overcharge diesel/electric engines ability ect...

v 1.7 Changelog:
- Compatibility with TDW RPM inertia patch
- Adjusted drag for conning towers
- Adjusted sub's acceleration and tourning performance. Underwater acceleration is now, because of the new TDW's RPM inertia patch, 90-100% historically correct.

v 1.6 Changelog:
- Adjusted surface up/down drag factor.
- Adjusted underwater up/down drag factor and ballast tanks values (dive rate).
- Adjusted values for UI depth commands:
Crash dive depth: 100m
Dive: all the way down...

v 1.5 Changelog:
- Adjusted up/down drag factor.

Manual changes:

Change entries in menu.txt (SH5/data/Menu) file from this...
10026=Click to enable/disable speed commands for the port shaft
10027=Click to enable/disable speed commands for the starboard shaft
to something like this./...
10026=Enable/disable speed commands for the STARBORD diesel/electric engine
10027=Enable/disable speed commands for the PORT diesel/electric engine
*Manual changes aren't mandatory, but it's nice to have them on board

Compatibility and install. instructions:

The mod is compatible and tested with following conflicting mods:
- FX_Update_0_0_22_ByTheDarkWraith
- NewUIs_TDC_7_*_*_ByTheDarkWraith
- Submarine's .sim&cfg (modified for engine ratio + independent control patches).7z
- Reworked Morale and Abilities v.1.1
*Instrall Real U-Boat Performance - Type VII last with JSGME. It is recommended to star new campaign after the mod is enabled.


[Download Real U-Boat Performance - Type VII]

************************************************** ************************************************** *********************
I'm trying to collect as much data as possible and gradually modifying u-boat sim and cfg files in order to meet historically confirmed Type VII performance...

Here are some preliminary test data...

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