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Default Lead, not micromanage?

thats a direct quote from the matrix store page. But is it really true?

for $90+ I really want to be sure of what i'm getting into. I've watched about 5 long 'lets play' type videos of this title and i'm seeing substantial micromanagement.

I played Harpoon in early 90s, but fell out of love and was attracted to the sub command/fleet commmand/dangerous waters family. Now, im not trying to troll but lets be honest: Command *is* Harpoon.

What i'm looking to have answered is related to the title of the thread. Will these dots on the map fight on their own if given basic orders? (auto-engage etc). Ive seen things like ROE on some videos.

other things i'd like to know: Is there such thing as crew experience or veterancy? If I were to advocate against simulations such as this, i'd use terms like "spreadsheet war".

allow me a small example: During the Battle of Midway one of the most marked differences between Japanese and American Naval forces turned out being the superior damage control and fire-fighting abilities of the USN. Japanese ship design and lack of damage control discipline contributed to the loss of 4 carriers and 1 cruiser.

another question I have is are any manner of land forces in this game? even just for purposes of victory conditions, can say marines be landed somewhere to 'take' an objective? Or am I simply making my blue dots eliminate the red dots on google earth?
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