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Default py files, Multiple UIs with TDC entries and CTDs or slower game loading

I discovered a problem with residual data similar to **.py script errors post while trying to eliminate CTDs using smaller mod lists than I normally used. To my surprise, I found these files leftover in the Silent Hunter 5\data\Scripts\Menu folder shown below in the attachment. I alt-tab (or ctrl-alt-delete) and found the **.py error window. The problem turned out to be newer **.py files compared to stock.

Multiple times I tried to start a campaign using silentotto with a smaller modlist I was surprised to see how long the game was still taking to load.

I disabled all mods and the **.py files was still there. Over the months past, I have disabled all mods during CTD testing. Everyone remember silentotto CTDs!! I never thought to check for this Silent Hunter 5\data\Scripts\Menu folder folder possibility of errors before.

This time I manually deleted all **.py files that are not stock. Thank goodness for the archived 1.2 silent hunter DVD to compare to. I reenabled all mods according to my original mod list, disabled them multiple times for test purposes, BUT these **.py files are no longer there, which is supposed to happen.
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