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Default Common JSGME errors

Multiple folder issue:
Some modders put multiple folders in their compressed file. You must uncompress the mod folder structure FIRST and check for accuracy of the modname\data folder level. I usually uncompress the mod to a temporary folder first and check for unneccesary folder levels. I move folders around until modname\data level is achieved. Once the folder structure is correct, I can drag and drop the mod to Game\MODS\. Now, the mod can be activated with JSGME and will work properly in the game.

NOT like this:

Mod enabling:
Generally speaking, look at individual folder and filename structure for a mod. Let new filenames overwrite over filenames from older mods, unless you want features of oldest mod.

JSGME Error Message something like:
X Access Violation at address 004823AC in module JSGME.exe. Read of address
00000004. Caused by error(s) in the ***.mep file.

Look for the modlist name you are activating, usually *name*.mep. My *.mep files are in the My Documents folder. Open up the *.mep file with notepad, wordpad, or some other text editor.

The error you have is caused by three things.
Same mod name listed more than once in *.mep file. Delete one and save *.mep file
A blank space between mods. Delete space and save mod.
**.mep file is saved with the blinking cursor at next line or more from the last mod. The blinking cursor should be at the end of the last mod, NOT next line or more. I have had this error come up when all mods have been enabled OR when JSGME window shows some, but not all mods, appear in activated mods window. JSGME may or may not give you the message, "Not responding". You close JSGME, reopen program, and all mods are there.

Try reactivating modslist by JSGME now.

Another error type with JSGME.ini:
Check by using JSGME and disable all your mods. Nothing should be left behind in "Your drive letter:\Silent Hunter 5\MODS\!BACKUP folder." Nothing should be left behind in "Your drive letter:\Silent Hunter 5\MODS\!INSTLOGS" folder. Try to enable your modlist again.

If it does not work try a similar fix, like what happened to me for a power outage issue as I am disabling all mods at the moment.
Look for JSGME.ini in "Your drive letter:\Silent Hunter 5\MODS\JSGME.ini". This file became corrrupted. Open up the JSGME.ini file with notepad, wordpad, Word or some other text editor. Wordpad works well for me since it keeps formatting, low resource usage, but powerful enough.

It should look like something what is below. Mod names can be different.

[DEPENDANCIES] SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2="SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2.2 Patch""Fuel Gauge WoGaDi_SteelViking's Interior""sobers multi color mod V5""DynEnv v2.9 - 1. Main Mod""DynEnv v2.9 - 9. Sobers Best Ever Tweaks""Pascal-sh5-Crew-Uniforms""Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1 & hotfix""R.E.M_by_Xrundel_TheBeast_1.2""sobers Lights Cfg V5 SH5""sobers Depth of Field V6 SH5" 
[MODS] Accurate German Flags=1 
sobers game loading tips V8 SH5=3 
DBM Background Video=4 
sobers green spinning thing SH5=5 
SMission - D-Day Landings=6 
Grossdeutscher Rundfunk=7 
U-Boat Watch Crew Routine SFX=8
Delete everything in the JSGME.ini file EXCEPT [DEPENDANCIES]. Keep [DEPENDANCIES] in the file and save. Retry your modlist.

CTDs and still can't fix, and you suspect a mod:
Have lots of mods installed like I do? I have more than 80 running at a time.
Start with a new campaign to isolate your corrupted mod problem.
How about trying 10 mods at a time? Then the next group of 10, etc until you can narrow it down within 10 mods of where the CTD is. Once you have a crash (CTD) with 10, then try the first 5, then the other remaining 5, etc.. It is called a 1/2 step method. Then take the first 3 of 5. No CTD yet. Then try last 2.

Longer approach
Uninstall all mods and start a new campaign, adding one mod at a time. It can be time consuming, but it is often the best way to work out which is the offending mod.

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