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Second Tutorial

Mark our position on the map and find the Longitude


we don't have a real sextant to calculate the sextant index error and make some other correction so we can be 100% accurate

Let's start with measuring the sun angle

Now we do the math to find the Lat.
Zenith distance = 89.6 – 42.51 = 47.09
Lat. = Zenith Distance + Declination
Lat. = 47.09 + 8.31 = 55.40N

u can download this spreadsheet from here Download

Each degree on the game map is 120 km.

Now let’s see how to market on the map without the navigator help
Each degree on the game map is 120 km.
We do again some math 120 : 60 = 2km
We know that assumed Lat. is 55 but how we find that 40 simple 40 x 2 = 80km
( when u draw from the bottom to the top u multiply and when u draw it from the top to the bottom u divide )
Let’s draw that 80 km on the map.

Now let’s find the Long
Open that excel work sheet and look at GHA there is 259.57 and to LHA where is 20.00
359.57 – 20 = 339.57 – 360 = -20.43
Long = 20.43E
We know that we are at Long. 20E now 43:2 = 26.5km let’s draw it on the map
( When u draw it from the west to east left side to right side u multiply and when u draw it from east to the west right to the left u divide)

Now let’s see what the navigator say as u see the navigator calculation is

Lat. 55.41N and Long. 20.47E so we are not far as i said we can’t be 100% accurate cos we don’t know the sextant index error and dip and other correction

this can be my error or the game error so we can not chek where is the u-boat to see wich one is correct but i think that is pretty good and give more realism to the game.

I think that the navigator can be removed from the game if somebody wanna play hardcore and mark his position on the Map :P
on bad weather and fogy day u are really lost at the sea if u play hardcore.

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