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Default JSGME (Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler)

JSGME related links:

JSGME Generic Mod Enabler information and download link (Use link at top of page, do not use bottom signature download link.)

JSGME download only

[LOOK] HOW TO INSTALL MODS [LOOK] by Sober. Works on any game that can be modded. Just change folder name from example given.

Picture of activating the available mods and saving profile by Silent Steel

stoianm How to install MODS in SH5 video tutorial Works on any game that can be modded. Just change folder name from example given.

JSGME V2.6 User Guide download link

Common JSGME errors and possible solutions

Game specific leftover files issues
For SH5 only - py files, Multiple UIs with TDC entries & CTDS or slower game loading. Go to post #6 for background information, post #8 for solutions.

How to configure JSGME for working with more than one game, without having to install/copy it each time by Gap

Golden rules for beginners. What we all have learned from experience by Gap

PM me if you find any errors or related links that you feel should be here. That way I can keep them on the first post of this thread.

Makes it easier this way when helping others. I won't have to continuously remember where I answer JSGME questions on individual mods anymore! Search option is not always the quickest answer if buried deep in a thread. Sometimes, others will not even try to read the documentation. Always referring back to these threads or copying another modders reply elsewhere. Took me a while to find them again.

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