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Default [REL] Sub Skins

[mod - links to finished skins:]
Camo Tower Type IXC:

Thanks fo all the nice comments about my skins, If it helps you guys
to get more enjoyement out of this sim then thats great.

Anyway I thought I'd let you see what I've been doing.
Ok I found this pic on the net don't know what boat it is but I
thought I'd make a skin of it heres a pic of the boat

this is what I'm doing

This next one some of you guys wanted me to make it still needs
quite abit of work on the conning tower but I should be able to
make it look reasonable, Heres a pic of what you wanted

this is what I've done

This last one I think mast ask me to do again needs more work,
heres what he wanted

This is what I'm doing

anyway thanks again for the comments speak soon.

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