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Hello, i need help if someone knows, i have a problem with the sun glare, it worked ok until today i lost it and i cant find it again , maybe delete a specific file, reset something i don't know. Even with all the settings exactly as known to work still i can't use aa without losing the sun glare. So i turned aa off .

I found the solution thanks to the post of 89.

Originally Posted by 89 View Post
Ok I'll copy the solution to this problem from another thread:
Woot! It works! BOTH sunglare AND AA!! On my Nvidia 460 with latest drivers!

Step 1: Set Nvidia Control Panel "adjust image settings with preview" option to ["let 3d app decide"].
If i choose "Use the advanced 3D image settings." i don't get sun glare...

But the post is because other thing i discovered when trying to fix it.

What you think of this:

Normal (OFF):

Ambient occlusion High Quality:
See the shadows details near the bridge compass

Normal (OFF):

Ambient occlusion High Quality:


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