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Sobers Mega Mod Game Playing Tips

Operational Tips.
You have to be at All Stop before Enabling or Disabling the Propeller Shafts.

When a Saved Game loads the U-Boat will be operating on 2 Props.

If you want to Reduce Cruising Speed then Stop All Engines, Disable 1 Prop, then order your New Speed.

Most Efficient Fuel use is Ahead Standard on 1 Prop.

Check the Engine RPM Gauges in the U-Boat if unsure both Engines are at All Stop.

Other Operational Tips.
Press the C key to bring up the Compass.

Click on the Compass to Change Direction.
Click on the Compass Tab to see the Rudder.

Crew Abilities and Special Abilities are Disabled when the Crew are injured.

Press Shift + B to bring up the Blackboard.

This contains Critical Information you need like Moon Phase, Sunrise, and Sunset etc.

Equipment And Renown Points.
Do not access the Equipment Officer at Memel (Baltic Operation).

The Equipment will not be used at Kiel and you will have lost your Promotion Points for accessing early development equipment.
Instead wait until at the Bunker in Kiel and then Request Equipment.

is available normally by Historical Date except for when used with Renown Points.

Your saved Renown Points can be used at any time before starting a New Mission.
If you do not have any Renown Points for early access then they will be available by Historical Date.

Enemy Aircraft Patrol Areas.
Airbases are approximately 300 km Radius.
Know where Heavy Air Cover is by using the Compass Tool to Draw a Circle 300 km Radius Around the Airbase icon.
Avoid Travelling on the Surface during the Day in Heavy Air Traffic Areas.

How To Use Decks Awash.

If you are at Decks Awash and want to Surface again, you have to go below decks and order Periscope Depth first.
Wait until at Periscope Depth and then order Surface.
While at Decks Awash there is No Crew Spotting.

You can use the UZO yourself.

Do not order Reversing Speeds while at Decks Awash,
or the U-Boat will Flood.

U-Boat Damage.
If your U-Boat is damaged and you are resting on the bottom then you have to stay at 1TC or more damage will occur (known mods issue).

CO2 Warning

As soon as you get the CO2 Warning icon you must Surface to replenish the Oxygen.
You can use Promotion Points to Upgrade Crew Efficiency regarding CO2.


Morale Points and Skill Points Each Ship Sunk.

Event:RewardMorale (1.0);
Event:RewardSkillPoint (3);

Event:RewardMorale (2.0);
Event:RewardSkillPoint (6);

Event:RewardMorale (3.0);
Event:RewardSkillPoint (9);

General Gaming Tips

Stealth is the primary tactical advantage of a U-Boat.
The best Attack Solution against a Ship is from a 90 Degrees Angle, at a Range of about 800 meters.

Torpedoes arm themselves after a run of a few hundred meters away from the U-boat, for safety reasons.

Form a Wolfpack whenever possible when Hunting Multi Escorted Convoys.

Try to attack from the Dark Side - into the Sunrise, Sunset, or Moon, - Silhouetting the Target against the dim light.

The G7a Torpedo is fast and reliable, but it also can be spotted by enemies due to the bubbles it leaves on its run.

Use the Deck Gun against Unarmed Merchant Ships in order to preserve the limited torpedo supply.

Try to avoid Aircraft at all costs.

Defensive Tactics
The Crash Dive option should be used rather than engaging Aircraft on the Surface.

If using Real Navigation the Navigator cannot calculate by Celestial Fix in Stormy Weather or When Submerged.
He can only give you a Dead Reckoning in these situations.

Take every precaution against Armed Merchants (AMC types).

Avoid keeping the Periscope above the waterline too long.
It's better to raise it for short periods from time to time in order to reduce the chances of being visually detected.

Use the Observation Periscope from the Command Room to sweep search before breaking the waterline to surface.
Its higher magnification power makes identification easier.

Use the Attack Periscope from the Conning Tower to Target Enemy Ships in submerged operations.
The Attack Periscope is less likely to be visually detected by the Enemy Watch Crew than the Observation Periscope.

Decks Awash offers the advantages of Both Diesel Propulsion and a Very Low Silhouette.

The Watch Crew cannot spot while at Decks Awash.

Binoculars cannot be used when at Decks Awash.

The best way to listen to sea traffic is to submerge (below 30 meters) and Stop All Engines.
The Sonar Range is no longer affected by your U-boat engine noise.

Destroyer Tactics.
Normally a Destroyer should not be engaged, but if the situation calls for it, use a Salvo of High Speed Torpedoes and shoot from close range.

Do a Hard Turn at Flank Speed just as the Destroyer is at Point Blank Range above your U-Boat.
There is a high chance of avoiding Depth Charges this way.

Do a 360 Degrees Search with your Periscope before breaking the surface as this can mean the difference between life and death.
You can never know when a Warship silently waits for you to surface.

Silent Running.
Using Silent Running while submerged will reduce the CO2 Build-up in the U-Boat so you can stay submerged for longer.

Recharging Batteries.
Recharging the Electric Engines Batteries is done by traveling on the surface.
This is not done automatically so an order needs to be given.

The Diesel Engines are used to turn the Electric Motors so that they act as generators to Recharge the Depleted Batteries.

U-Boat Tactics.
With these mods you will have to Think like a Real U-Boat Captain.
Do i really want to attack this Multi Escorted Convoy on my own or shadow it and form a Wolfpack?
Tactics: Now that the skipper has worked himself into a visual sighting, a carefully developed plan which includes the actual approach as well as Evasion Tactics, are in order.

Escort Tactics.
One of the Escort Tactics that you are going to need to understand if you are to survive your Atlantic War is the "Triangulation Attack".

Use Wolfpacks whenever possible.

Use Silent Running when submerged to keep your noise signature to a minimum as there is less chance of being Detected by the Enemy.

AI Support.
AI Support: Engaging Enemy Ships in well defended areas is very dangerous. As soon as the attacked ship detects the presence of your U-Boat, Air Patrols and Surface Warships will start to converge on the area.

Defensive Strategy
A U-boat’s best defence is concealment.
Once this cover is blown, the next best recourse is to Dive immediately.

Being Spotted On The Surface.
If a U-boat is spotted on the Surface, the first thing the Escort will do is to shell it immediately and force it to Submerge.

Sonar Evasive Measures.
Depth reduces the effectiveness of Sonar.
The deeper the U-Boat, the more difficult it is to locate.
A good Evasive Measure is to Dive as deep as possible and as quickly as possible.

While the Radar is a very powerful tool, do not forget that using it will give away your presence.

The game has a lot of things that influence Detection such as, Light/Night/Fog/The Enemy’s Speed/Your Speed/Thermal Layers/Your Surface Area shown to the Enemy/Waves/Enemy Equipment Type/Enemy Crew Rating and Fatigue + much more.

Rules of Thumb 1: If I can see them, then they can see me.

Rules of Thumb 2: Until proven otherwise, All Merchant Convoys have Elite Escorts.

Rules of thumb 3:
All Escorts are to be classified in the "Elite" Status regarding Anti-Submarine warfare.

The longer you linger in an area admiring your handiwork with Torpedoes, the better the chances that your position will be detected by Pinging DDs.

From the moment your first Torpedo leaves the tube, you have potentially revealed your location.

If you have Heavy Fog the best option is to sit and wait it out as Real Navigation is too risky.

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