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I dont know if this issue has been reported, but i have found nothing on the Forum.

I have the following mods enabled by JSGME:
No magic skills v1.5 MCCD Complatible
Mighty fine Crew Mod 1.2.1 Alt w. beards
Funelsmoke_Planes_Sounds_by AOTDMadMax
Wamphyri´s Plane Mod
Equipment upgrades_Fix_v1_4_byTheBeast
Equipment upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1
Equipment upgrades__Fix_v1_4_Patch_1_Hotfix

The issue is this:
At Black May Campaign with a VIIC/41, and upgrading with snorkel, and selecting no Radar Warning receiver on the top of the mast, i have the mast of a FUMO-65 radar mast rotating at the snorkel instead of a rundipol mast.

Is this installation a MOD upgrade (not probably) or a bug?

Is a problem with my combination of MODs?

Thanks in advance!!
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